Why We All Need A Jake Peralta In Our Lives

It is not new that among all TV characters to have existed till date, Jake Peralta of Brooklynn 99 is one of the best. The beautifully crafted show and Andy Samberg’s expert portrayal of Jake lead to the heavenly combination of a funny and childlike but also a mature and socio-emotionally sensitive character. From his looks to his intelligence, and to his personality, his charm is undeniable. He makes a special place in the hearts of all B99 fans, and here are the reasons why-

He is a feminist

Why We All Need A Jake Peralta In Our Lives

Jake sets an example for fictional and real men alike. He is so very respectful of not only women, but everyone, and never once is he seen displaying internalized misogyny. Instead, it is gender equality that he has internalized and it comes naturally to him, which just shoots him up our attractiveness meter.

His relationship with Amy Santiago is one of the healthiest relationships of television, and there is not a drop of toxic masculinity in his lines and actions, like when he genuinely supports Amy when she becomes his superior officer. The thought of regarding her as anyhow lesser or weaker than him doesn’t even occur to him, and that’s the kind of pure mindset this world needs.

He is Mr. Funnybones

Why We All Need A Jake Peralta In Our Lives

Ahh, while the writers of the show have injected humor in the lines of all the characters, Brooklyn 99 just wouldn’t be what it is without Jake’s jokes. He breathes life into the episodes with his witty, sometimes childish, but always endearing punchlines. While he seems to use humor as a defense mechanism from facing anxiety provoking emotions, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andy Samberg delivers the funny one-liners effortlessly and smoothly, so much so that it becomes difficult to see them separately as actor and character! One of our favorite Jake-brand jokes are the “Titles of your sex-tape”- if you know, you know.

He is gorgeous and he knows it

Why We All Need A Jake Peralta In Our Lives

Look at this God of a man right here and tell us you didn’t instantly fall in love. You can’t. Jake is a charmer with his boyish grin and young voice. His instinctive personality and flair for grandeur make him seem somewhat wild, and I’m sure we all agree that this makes him kinda irresistible. His expressions are a godsend, and while there is no otherworldly beauty on his face, his pure heart and playful nature make him the perfect boyfriend/friend we all wish for.

He’s one hell of a detective

It seems surreal that Jake would be smart too, on top of already being pretty perfect, but it’s true. He is a natural at solving the most complex of cases, and he is incredibly observant. He doesn’t need to follow the rules by the letter or work too hard to be victorious in his career, and while he may not be the best at writing reports like Amy, his competence is reflected in his number of arrests and solves.

He doesn’t stop there, though. He most often channels his wits and smarts into clever wordplay or elaborate schemes just for fun, like the Halloween heists (again, if you know, you know) and fans absolutely savor the results of his intelligence. With a brain like that on your side, you’d be unstoppable. Watch this video to see the great Detective Peralta in action-

His character is the most wholesome thing you’ll ever see

Why We All Need A Jake Peralta In Our Lives

There is so much about his personality that we cherish from the bottom of our hearts. He is a genuinely good guy who sticks with people, takes care of them, and stands with them instead of fighting their battles. His friendships with Amy, Charles, Rosa, and Doug Judy (to name a few) bring out how highly he values them, transcending the differences they have. He is a man who is sensitive and receptive towards issues of racism, sexism, discrimination etc., and this makes him so very precious. He is incessantly optimistic, and allows even his tragic experiences to shape him into a better person. And that’s on loving Jake Peralta to the moon and back.

What is your favorite trait of Jake Peralta? Which other B99 characters stole your heart? Let us know in the comments section below!

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