7 Facts About Pokémon Go That You Possibly Din’t Know!

Every once in a while comes a time when a game so simple yet addictive takes over the world in such a way that it literally takes the government or properly organized bodies to intervene in between because the people won’t stop playing it in the most dangerous or unhealthy ways!

You know I’m making sense as I know that you already have a few names in your mind that made people go crazy for them, so much so that it almost became an unhealthy obsession. Of course, no one is blaming the game as they are obviously a nice try to pass your time but when it’s taken to an extreme, that’s when the problems start to surface.

7 Facts About Pokémon Go That You Possibly Din't Know!

In case you still are wondering what I am talking about, well let me be more precise by naming one such game that made people go haywire in order to collect Pokémon on their phones. Yes, I am talking about the 2016 sensation, the game, ‘Pokémon Go!’ A game, so engaging that it made people forget that they were not in some stimulation but in the real world where running behind new Pokémon might lead to a few unpleasant outcomes. Of course, the game is one of the best, it’s the people who took it to an extreme.

Well, today we bring you ‘Pokémon Go’ fans some of the unknown facts about the game ‘Pokémon Go’ that will maybe help you relive those gaming days, if not by playing then at least by knowing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ a bit better! So here are 7 facts about Pokémon Go that you probably didn’t know about.

7 Facts About Pokémon Go That You Possibly Din't Know!

15 Million downloads for the first week!

Yes! The world-famous game seemed to have its fair share of stardom at the starting week itself with a 15 million download for the first week! Keeping this in mind you should not be surprised if I tell you that it made a new record by generating a revenue of $200million in the first month itself! Definitely started with the right energy.

It’s being used as a trap by criminals!

Yes! this one has to be a shocking one. I mean not only it shows how the criminals are perfecting this game and their gameplay but also how people are ready to wander off anywhere to collect pokemon! Don’t get it? well, it has come to light about how criminals are using the game to lure people so that they can ultimately rob them once they reach the decided area.

Surpassed tinder in downloads

I mean this clearly indicates how people are more interested in Pokémon more than dates! The game was downloaded way more than the well-known dating app Tinder, where the US is the country where people literally spend around 45 minutes on the game on a daily basis.

The idea was taken from a Joke!

What? Yes! The best game of all time originated from an April Fool’s joke! Google was the one to start this joke where people were able to find wild Pokemon on their google map feature back in 2014. This gave the pokemon go makers a brilliant idea and they converted the joke into a game! and the rest is all history!

44 billion steps

Damn! That amount of steps itself would have made the longest marathon ever, the prize of which should have been a plot on the Moon! Seriously, people collectively took 144 Billion steps so that they can collect those Pokémon on their phones! For this game!

88 Billion Pokémon were caught!

At this point, these numbers don’t even surprise me, I mean we are talking in millions and billions here, so it does not surprise me at all that people collected 88 billion Pokémon, I guess the game definitely passed with flying colours when it comes to being a famous one.

Its engagement surpassed Facebook and Twitter!

Everything was fine until Facebook and Twitter were attacked as well! Obviously not literally though but yes you got that right, when it comes to engaging time, the game users even surpassed the engagement time of users on apps like Facebook and Twitter!

7 Facts About Pokémon Go That You Possibly Din't Know!

I guess, by now nothing is shocking to you when it comes to this game, I mean obviously, the game was one of the best and gave the dream-like chance of collecting your own Pokémon in real-time with real locations! Of course, it was bound to beat all these records to come on the top, if only people would have taken it as a game though! But they did not and the game ultimately saw many problems but those are the things of the past. Right now, what you can do is pass on these facts to your fellow Pokémon go fans and get that hot coffee ready, you people might like to sit and discuss with your group about those long hours of game-play that made you run like crazy!

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