5 Comedy Anime To Watch For A Hearty Weekend

Anime culture is spreading around the world at a high pace and the anime makers are not stopping themselves from experimenting with scripts and characters too. Today we have anime of every genre but there’s one that is loved by all. That is comedy, light, and funny anime are loved by all and some don’t need a lot of attention too. They just make viewers laugh and give them a break from all the stress. Here’s a list of 5 comedy anime that will make you roll on the ground.

Aho Girl

Written by Hiroyuki, Aho girl is an anime loved by all. This anime is set in a high school and focuses on a girl Yoshiko Hanabatake that has special qualities. The most impressive thing is that she always manages to score zero even in the easiest exams without even trying. Her obsession with eating bananas and every senseless act made her mother lose all hopes. Her childhood friend always tries to keep her on track but Yoshiko Being Yoshiko always finds her way out of sanity.  Aho Girl is definitely the funniest and interesting anime to watch.

The devil Is A Part-Timer

Written by Oniku, the devil is a part-timer is an anime that is about a Satan who wants to conquer the world. In this process, he and his partners end up in modern Japan. This changes their life totally in a comical manner. They now have to live like humans and watching them adjusting to the modern world is very funny. This anime has a great plot full of brilliant comedy.

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Illustrated by Hikaru Nakamura, Arakawa under the bridge is a story of Kou Ichinomiya who’s the only heir to his father’s billion-dollar company. One day when a few high school kids bother him and take his pants off and place them on a bridge pillar, he decides to climb and take it back. He falls down in the water and is saved by a homeless girl. The girl in return asks him to be his boyfriend and join the under bridge community in Arakawa, Tokyo. Arakawa is a very different anime comically with unique characters. 

Space Dandy

Space Dandy is created by Bones studio. Space dandy is one of the most finely made comedy anime. Dandy and his weird crew, a rundown robot QT and cat-looking space alien Meow. They travel and explore space in search of rare aliens.  They capture and register them in exchange for payments. Space Dandy’s gang and comedy will make you stick to your screens and a stomach aches because of laughter. 

Level E

Level E is created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Level E is about a high school baseball player named Yuki taka who moved into an apartment and he met an alien Prince Baka. Baka has superpowers; he can heal himself and can bring dead trees back to life. Although in his universe, Baka is an intelligent prince, he attracts all sorts of trouble on earth. The pair of Baka and Yoshihiro is fun to watch and also the storyline of this anime is unique.

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