7 Facts About Sailor Moon That You Possibly Didn’t Know!

We will probably go out of words if we start to show our gratitude towards Japan, I mean the country blessed the world with Anime, how can we ever thank them enough?

Today anime is something that has such a huge fan base that you have to think twice before bad mouthing the genre, I mean you know how offended weebs act, once you touch the wrong nerve and how can they not, I mean judging by the fact that 60% of the world animation is ‘Anime’, is it even surprising that it is full of some legendary anime that are old and have aged so well that their grownup fan base simply cannot take nonsense about the stories so close to their hearts!

One of the very famed anime that especially the 90s gen will be interested to know more about is Sailor Moon. Yes! That Sailor Moon which still has a stronghold in the world of cosplay, the 1992 anime that made the magic girl genre touch new heights and made a world-wide fandom of all the genders go wild crazy for them! So today, in honor of that fandom, we decided to bring you 7 lesser-known facts about Sailor Moon that will help you feel further closer to this masterpiece!

Two Of The Sailors Were Gay

Can you guess the two sailors that were intended and are gay in the series? Well, you might have an idea if you have seen the non-dubbed version, the dubbed version however changed the lines a bit. Neptune and Uranus are the gays in the series, the American version of them made them cousins and changed the lines! Feel betrayed yet?

Power Rangers Was The Inspiration For The Show

It is not surprising that Power Rangers can be an inspiration for a legendary show itself, I mean Power Rangers in itself is one of the best, so of course, the show inspired by it is bound to be amazing too. Naoko Takeuchi was inspired by the success of the Power Rangers and made her own series with some obvious alterations like the target audience of Sailor Moon was young girls however the show equally stole the other gender’s hearts as well!

There Could Have Been An American Remake!

Yes! You heard that right, the show almost had an American remake, and judging by the success of the original version, why would others not try their luck by remaking it? Luckily, it didn’t work, the demo screening did not receive a healthy response, the reason being that some of the alterations were too much to handle and also because people simply could not see the legendary show being remade to ruin the memories.

Each Sailor Has Their Own Castle

Yeah, our heroes are rich! The pretty sailors, in the manga, have a castle of their own, as in, each one of them has a castle with names given to each castle.

The English Touch

Not just the English dubbed version but also the Japanese version of the anime uses English words as the attack! Yes, the all-time-favorite Japanese show uses English words as the attack words! Although it’s not that surprising as using other language words always gives a thrill to the audience.

Usagi Family Names

Usagi’s family members are named after the creator’s family member names! So don’t be surprised if you came across a family with the exact names of the series, they are not secretly the family of Usagi in the real world but simply the family that lends their names to the show!

The Hair Change

Can you guess which of the sailors was almost made with pink/silver hair? Usagi almost had a different hair color but was then eventually changed to have the beautiful blonde look that we so dearly love.

So these were some of the lesser-known facts that were not that obvious in the series, you nonetheless, now know about them so feel free to have a lovely discussion with your other weeb friends with this newfound information that we know will work just fine when it comes to discussing anime and its facts with other anime lovers!

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