7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!

Interacting with the supernatural realm may be odd and intimidating. If you didn’t grow up in a haunted house where you were plagued by a poltergeist, you may go your entire life without ever experiencing a ghost, haunt, or even a single moderately restless spirit. And, to be honest, where’s the pleasure in that?But don’t worry, my buddies. These are the haunted places you should visit if you’re planning a spooky trip – and the best part is, even if you don’t see a ghost, you’re bound to find something intriguing at each one.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

One of the most popular sights in Scotland’s capital city is also one of its most haunted. The medieval fortress’s old dungeons, with portions going back more than 900 years, have prompted tourists to claim sightings of colonial captives from the American Revolutionary War, French prisoners from the Seven Years War—and even the ghost of a dog prowling the castle’s canine graveyard.

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/ Daniel Kraft

Because Edinburgh Castle was such an important bastion for controlling Scotland, the competing English and Scottish Monarchies battled over and took turns inhabiting it throughout history. As a result, the fortress was subjected to several sieges and fights. There is historical evidence that at least 26 sieges took place at the castle, making it one of the world’s most besieged sites. With so many wars, misery, and death taking place at Edinburgh Castle, it’s no surprise that it’s considered haunted.

Höfði House, Reykjavik, Iceland

The Höfði House is the most well-known and haunted home in Reykjavik. Höfði, built in 1909, is located on the waterfront, right off Borgartun. Like other wooden structures erected during this century, it was inspired by Nordic Art Nouveau and built in Norway before being brought to Iceland.

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/Laurentgauthier

The world’s attention was drawn to Höfði when it hosted a meeting between Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan. They talked about military control and disarmament talks. It was a delicate and crucial period in history, and Höfði has come to symbolise Iceland’s diplomacy and the beginning of the Cold War’s end.

Höfði , on the other hand, has a terrible past. It was sold to Einar Benediktsson, a judge and poet, who believed it was haunted by the ghost of a young lady. The ghost was Sólborg Jónsdóttir, who poisoned herself following Einar’s decision in a renowned assault case. She would reportedly appear to him at Höfði House at night. Following owners also reported being bothered after nightfall.

The Queen Mary, USA

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/Olivier Aumage

Time Magazine named the Queen Mary as one of the ten most haunted sites in America, and there are countless stories of hauntings and inexplicable paranormal experiences. There have been stories of seeing a woman dressed in white, as well as the ghosts of children who allegedly drowned in the ship’s spooky pool in the middle. The Queen Mary is still open for business and has rooms available all year, but they also provide paranormal investigations and spirit walks. Aside from year-round events, the Queen Mary offers Dark Harbor every Halloween season, which combines the ship’s spooky heritage with modern haunted house attractions.

Island Of Dolls, Mexico

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/Esparta Palma

The man-made Island of Dolls is one of the most haunted places on the planet. According to tradition, a girl drowned in a Mexican canal and died here. Julian Barrera was plagued by the girl’s soul when he relocated to this island. He hanged numerous dolls throughout the island to appease her ghost. After a while, Julian informed his nephew that the girl wanted him to join her in the afterlife as a playmate. His corpse was later discovered in the canal beside the girl’s body. Visitors to the island have stated that the dolls’ eyes follow them around. They’ve even reported hearing whispering and laughter.

Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Australia

More of the ‘haunted places like asylums’ kind?

Aradale was established at a period when other asylums were being built around the state of Victoria. They were deemed necessary in order to deal with the crisis of a rising number of so-called “lunatics” in the region. This group mostly included persons suffering from a variety of mental health disorders, other diseases, or who were considered criminally insane.

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikomedia Commons/JacsWiki

Given the heinous nature of Aradale Mental Hospital’s history, a ghost story or two is to be anticipated, and Aradale has many. Nurse Kerry is one of the most well-known ghosts roaming the hallways of this abandoned hospital. She is believed to haunt the women’s wards and is said to be continuing her nursing responsibilities in the afterlife, keeping an eye out for her former patients. Her spirit has been seen and heard by numerous people. There have been several accounts of hearing the disembodied click of a woman’s high heels as well as the gentle sounds of a woman’s voice, which Kerry was renowned for in life.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Suicide Forest is a location in Japan that has gotten a lot of media attention because of a remarkable coincidence: it is one of the places in the world with a lot of suicides. Aokigahara has been the site of 500 reported suicides since the 1950s.

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/mtzn

Aokigahara is also known as the Demon Forest, the Suicide Forest, and the “Perfect Place to Die” in Japan. This one-of-a-kind woodland, which is exceedingly peaceful and devoid of animals, has become a popular place for Japanese people to die. Many Japanese believe the woodland is haunted and avoid going near it. According to Japanese legend, Aokigahara is plagued by demons, which is why some Japanese are still scared to visit the forest. Those who enter the woodland are thought to never return. These woods are thus one of the most haunted places you can visit in a lifetime!

Catacombs of Paris, France

The mere sight of these spider-webbing tunnels under the French city might frighten you. Though the catacombs were not intended to contain human remains, numerous bones were laid out in beautiful patterns in the tunnels owing to overcrowding in the 18th century graves.  A torrent of rotting bodies washed onto the land next door when a protracted series of heavy rains flooded and uncovered the overcrowded Les Innocents cemetery in the spring of 1780. 

7 Haunted Places You Can Visit, At Your Own Risk!
Wikimedia Commons/Vincent de Groot

According to Smithsonian Magazine, this terrible occurrence triggered a 12-year initiative to transfer remains from Paris cemeteries into the city’s ancient limestone quarries, eventually filling the underground tunnels with 6 million bodies. A mile of the subterranean maze is now available to tourists, who can take tours of the tunnels and view artistically organized exhibits of bones. In addition to stories of individuals seeing apparitions in these catacombs, persons have been claimed to have “disappeared” entirely within these tunnels.

Ready to visit where the ghosts hover? Tell us which place looks the spookiest!

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