Global Egg Recipes To Try In Your Kitchen

Scrambled. Boiled. Poached. Fried.  If you love your eggs, you already experiment with various ways to cook ’em. The protein-rich ingredient is used across dishes – be it in simple omelets or complicated curries. Every once in a while though, the heart craves something ‘new’ – a way to eat those eggs that doesn’t get too routine and boring. Well, the world is at your service. Discover the tastiest 7 unconventional egg recipes famous around the globe and try them at home!

Global Egg Recipes To Try In Your Kitchen

The Argentine way – Revuelto de Gramajo

A perfect breakfast option AND a hangover cure, Revuelto de Gramajo is Argentina’s way of showing its love for eggs. The dish contains fried potatoes, eggs and ham. Oftentimes, Argentinians experiment with using any and many vegetables, and different types of meat like pork and fish. Revuelto de Gramajo is often called Argentina’s ‘quintessential’ dish. If you’re following a low-calorie and low-fat diet, though, you might want to stay away, seeing as this pick drowns in grease. 

The French way – Oeufs en meurette

A classic egg dish from the Burgundinian cuisine, Oeufs en meurette uses wine. 

Do we have your attention yet?

This speciality, one of the most popular egg recipes in France is made using poached eggs and bourguignon sauce. This sauce consists of Burgundy red wine, onions, bacon and shallots browned in butter. The delicacy is served with toasted garlic bread. It is often garnished with sauteed vegetables for a wholesome experience. 

The English Way – Pickled eggs

How can you make your eggs last for three months? The British have the answer!

A classic English variant, pickled eggs use vinegar, salt and sugar for preservation. All you have to do is boil eggs along with their shells for 5 to 7 minutes. De-shell them once they cool down, put them in a jar and drown them in vinegar, salt and sugar. 

Many times, herbs like thyme and rosemary are also used for an exotic taste.

The Israeli way – Sabich

This is Israel’s version of a wholesome, healthy and flavourful sandwich. Pita or laffa bread is stuffed with hard boiled eggs, fried eggplants, chopped vegetables, optional meat parsley, tahini sauce and a tangy pickle called amba. 

The burst of flavors doesn’t stop at the first bite, but it lasts as long as your sandwich does!

The Australian way – Pavlova

A meringue based dessert, Australia’s Pavlova is a crisp sweet dish that is light and fluffy inside. This dessert has the most perfect texture you could desire. It is made using egg whites slowly baked in an oven. This allows them to have a crispy texture on the outside, while they remain unbearably soft and cloudy on the inside. 

Pavlova is topped with whipped cream and an assortment of fresh fruits which makes it the perfect meal-finisher!

The Danish way – Smørrebrød

The only thing better than a sandwich is an open-faced sandwich! The Danes understand this too well, hence their favorite egg dish just so happens to be a delicious open faced sandwich. Best enjoyed with a beer or a glass of wine, Smørrebrød uses rye bread, cucumber, shrimp, tomato and other fresh vegetables, and hard boiled eggs. For a heavy meal, add butter!

The Danes love to eat this open faced sandwich during spring and summer, often when they’re out for picnics under the sun. 

The Italian way – Salviata

Salviata is a deliciously living proof that simple is beautiful. The Tuscan recipe has been passed down for ages. With a handful of flavourful ingredients, Salviata always manages to make a statement. If that doesn’t get your attention, maybe this will – it has sage!

Salviata is made using stone-ground flour, raw milk, pecorino cheese, salt and black pepper. The oven-cooked omelet-like dish makes a great breakfast option. Feel free to add vegetables and herbs you like for a personalized experience!

Which of these are you ready to give a shot to? Tell us in the comments below!

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