7 Hulu Originals To Stream This Weekend

Have you heard of Hulu? Of course, you have. Hulu is one of the most famous streaming platforms that has gained some amazing figures in the last few years. Although Netflix and Amazon Prime still kind of rule the streaming world, Hulu is definitely giving them some serious competition. The platform has a lot of viewers, especially in the US. And these viewers and subscribers are only going to increase because the content Hulu is creating is unavoidable. It has come up with many binge-worthy shows that have already bagged a few awards. I mean, what else do you need from a streaming platform, right? So we thought, since the platform has already established a huge amount of fan base, let’s make a list for our Hulu lovers. We know a lot of you are dedicated to this platform. So, here are our 7 Hulu originals to stream over the weekend!

7 Hulu Originals To Stream This Weekend

The Handmaid’s Tale

The fact that you are interested in this article means that you like watching shows. A dedicated series lover is bound to know about this captivating show. The Handmaid’s Tale is a 2017 show that currently has 4 seasons. You know the show is good when its future seasons are already assured even before the premiere of the latest season. Basically yes, a 5th season is already on the books. The show is based on a 1985 novel that was written by Margaret Atwood. The show with the same name as the novel is a story that takes place in a dystopian future that is nothing but full of tragedies. The main focus of the plot is the childbearing slave women who are also known as Handmaids. I mean, the show is a must!

Castle Rock

You know a show is an instant hit and a binge-worthy material if it is based on Stephen King’s work! Castle Rock is a Hulu original that is giving a good amount of creeps to the people. Making it one of the top Hulu original shows that should not be missed. The plot altogether is based on the novel The Dead Zone that came out in 1979. The show has 2 seasons as of yet and a story that will make your nights sleepless. Just like any other classic King’s works, this one too is horror fiction. It deals with an unsolved murder, some distorted memories, a weird kid, and some strange happenings in a town. I know, it already sounds interesting. Point is, this should be the next show to binge on your list!

Normal People

This Hulu original is also shared by other two networks that are BBC Three and Element Pictures. Normal People is a love story that is based on a 2018 novel by Sally Rooney with the same name. The plot deals with this couple that faces many things throughout their time together. The girl has her own struggles of not being able to make friends. On the other hand, our boy is a jock with his own battles. A secret relation that faces many struggles is what will keep you on edge for this series. The show is full of problems with its own bittersweet moments. A must-watch, especially for people who love a good romance series.


Although this show ended way back in 2018 with 4 engaging seasons, the hype is still on. It is one of the most preferred Hulu original shows that gained a good amount of popularity throughout its run. The plot deals with the awkwardness of meeting someone new while also offering a good laugh. It is a story about a newly divorced mother who goes on to live with her brother and her daughter. Although the show is a comedy series, however, it does have its tearful moments. All-in-all, a show that you must watch if you haven’t already!

The Act

For the people who love a true crime-based show, this is it. The story will give you chills and the fact that it is based on a true story is somehow worst yet good for the show! The Act is a 2019 Hulu original that deals with a strange relationship between a daughter and a mother that goes haywire real soon. The story is based on the murder of Gypsy Rose Blanchard who also faked her daughter’s many illnesses. She suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy which led her to do so. You can only imagine the consequences when the reality was revealed to her daughter! The show is a depiction of how some situations can be the cause of a gruesome murder!


This Hulu original 2018 show is going on well with 2 seasons. And rightly so because the show will remind you of those awkward yet funny moments from your teen years. The show is a perfect depiction of how awkward we all can be and actually were in our teen years. This comedy show is bound to make you a dedicated fan. The plot deals with these teens in the 2000s dealing with their ‘firsts’ of everything that a teen usually faces. The best part is that the show has given focus to some of the details that we usually do not see on shows yet they are the most relatable ones. Basically, the show is a must-watch that will give you a good laugh!


Ramy is an award-winning 2019 Hulu original that is an assured laughter bank. The show is acted by the famous comedian Ramy Youssef who plays his own character. The story is fun to watch with its own cute and confusing moments. It deals with Ramy being this first-generation Egyptian- American who is constantly exploring his life. He faces this constant conflict yet weird combination between being a millennial who likes to enjoy according to his age. But he also is exploring the dos and don’ts of his religion and upbringing. The show is a must-watch that beautifully depicts a typical confusion of a millennial!

So which one of these would you be streaming this weekend?

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