7 Interesting Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Possibly Didn’t Know!

A pain that every weeb can relate to is, I guess, the waiting period between two seasons of one of their favorite anime series, especially if the anime is taking like 7 years and counting, to come up with its next season! Yes. I assume most of you know which anime I am talking about here.

Hunter X Hunter, one of the most loved anime series written by Yoshihiro Togashi is taking some serious efforts to teach its fan base the importance of patience, and am not even joking about it, the series came out with its latest animation in September 2014 and the fans are still waiting for the story to complete. Yoshihiro cannot be blamed for that as he also has to take care of this health which is one of the major reasons why the story is taking so many breaks.

Well, the point is, the fans are doing everything that they can in order to stay connected with the series, from re-watching the 1999 and 2011 versions to reading the manga itself, so we thought to help from our side as well. So here we are with 7 interesting facts about Hunter X Hunter that will fascinate you for sure so that you can still feel fresh with the anime until the next season is not out.

The special birthdays

7 Interesting Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Possibly Didn't Know!

Yes, Yoshihiro definitely put a lot of thought behind his characters and their backstory. Even the birthdays of the four main characters along with Hisoka have a birth date that holds a significant meaning to the character or their character traits! Like Gon’s birthday is on 5th March which is also celebrated as Children’s Day and Killua’s birthday is on July 7th which is a celebrated festival the protagonist of whom resembles Killua!

Gon and Yusuke

You might find some similarities between Gon from HxH and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho. Well, this is because both the series are written by Yoshihiro and it is believed that the character traits from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho were carried into the main characters of HxH. One of the clear examples is the similarity between Gon and Yusuke.

Live musical performance!

Remind me why we love Japan so much? Well, obviously, for these obvious reasons! There have been two live musical performances which were based on the original series! Japan really does know how to keep its anime community happy!

Hunter X Hunter language

Yes! The language that you saw in the anime was not some random designs, they can actually be understood! The language that the anime uses is created by them which can be easily translated into Japanese and then to English. Basically, it’s fair to say that Hunter X Hunter has its own language!

Dwun’s room

7 Interesting Facts About Hunter X Hunter That You Possibly Didn't Know!

Remember Dwun’s room that was shown at the end of the Greed Island arc? Well, will you believe me if I tell you that the condition of that room was a clear reference to Yoshihiro’s room when he was playing the game Dragon Quest!

Heaven’s Arena

Every Hunter X Hunter fan had that experience where they believed that Heaven’s Arena looked way too similar to the tallest building Burj Khalifa. Well, if you too assumed the same, then you were correct because it was actually based on that building. Talk about inspiration haah?

Gon’s outfit

Well, most probably Gon loves his outfit to its core because the only time that he changed his outfit in the entire series was during the Greed Island arc when he simply had to remove his jacket! Killua on the other hand is an entirely different story!

 So, these were some of the fascinating facts about the anime series, we hope that God gives us the strength to wait until the next season, until then, read these and discuss among your friends, it might help to cooperate maybe. Let us know, which was the most fascinating fact to you?

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