7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

The best part about playing games on the phone is the part where you have an absolute surety about the fact that there will be a new game every once in a while. Have a habit of trying new games? Well, try not to worry because the game developers are surely working day in and out, to give you a lengthy list to choose from, as they come out with so many games.

2021 is of course no different. Android, just like a routine, has again come up with some of the new games that sure will excite your gamer spirit when it comes to mobile games, just keep an eye on those eyes as well, I mean, the screen time sure affects the eye but then gaming is also a mandatory part, right gamers? Anyways, without further due, allow us to introduce you to the 7 latest games that you can try whenever you are free!

Kitty Letter

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

Do you love to play with words? Well, this is definitely the game for you! As the name itself suggests, kitty letter is a wonderful word game. The game will surely engage you in a unique manner as it not only engages your vocabulary but also the theme and concept of the game is no less than a fictional fairy-tale-like movie. The parts like vocabulary vortex and multiverse along with a kitty and a house to look after sure is a unique combination! So yes, basically the game will also take care of your love towards the cute kittens.

Dragon Quest Tact

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

The game is a gem for RPG lovers, the game has a great concept of not only participating in battle while your dragon quest but it also allows you to befriend monsters! Yes, unlike many other games, you don’t have to kill monsters to move to the next level but you can choose to befriend them in order to win the battles! You will collect and train your dragons in the fantasy game world, so basically, you can try living your game version dream of the movie How To Train Your Dragon!

Rhythm Hive

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

Do you like the games that let you be in real-time? Well, if yes, then this is the game for you. The name makes it pretty clear that it will surely involve rhythms and tunes which are basically the level, the goal is to collect various cards. The best part is that one of its latest additions to its tunes is the BTS! Yes, you heard that correct, so be ready to tune in to some BTS tracks while playing this game!

Stellar Hunter

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

This one by far is one of the most interesting games that you can play. Why do you ask? Well, it involves space, I guess that itself answers a lot, right? Staller hunter is an RPG game based in space where your journey starts with a crash, now you have to explore these strange planets, and guess what? You can make your own squad by befriending and recruiting aliens! Guardian Of The Galaxy vibes, right?

Birdie Crush

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

The game sounds entirely different but it is basically a golf game that you must try. It sure is a bit different and is better than the other golf games that are around! It has an animal theme so the game looks very lively and it has also taken a bit of anime-style in it. The game will give you a story to move through however the golf part is more prominent and important obviously, duh!

Adventure Ages: Idle Civilization

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

The concept of this game sure is interesting and plays around with time. The game will leave you back in time from where you basically have to restart your life and career, interesting right? The best part is that you not only have taken on your career but also restored history, sounds like a heavy responsibility! The game is a must-try if you love such unique and creative concepts.

Pirates Of Freeport

7 Latest Games On Android That You Should Definitely Check!

This game is a very interesting one especially because it also includes texts! It is a text-based game with RPG mechanics. You get to create a crew of your own which will of course help you to defeat your enemies in the game. You can also collect pirate ships much like how we all saw on Pirates of the Caribbean! Kidding, the game sure gives the Pirates vibe, so if you are a fan of pirates then you should surely try this game.

So, these were some of the new games that are available on your android that you can play! Now, go on and play, you can thank us later!

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