7 Studio Ghibli Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

The legendary Studio Ghibli and its founders Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Toshio Suzuki, and Yasuyoshi Tokuma need no introduction. With its amazing animation feature films, short films and television commercials, and a lot more, the studio has become world-famous. Through eccentric animation and amazing scripts, Studio Ghibli consistently blesses the audience with unique, immersive, and amazing films. Studio Ghibli has always perfectly maintained the balance between fantasy and realism.  Ever wondered what’s the story behind it? How did they reach here? There are a lot of hidden facts about Studio Ghibli that are really shocking plus exciting. Here’s a list of 7 Ghibli Studio facts.

Why is Studio Ghibli named Studio Ghibli?

Hayao Miyazaki has named the studio “Ghibli”. The word Ghibli is an Italian word that means hot summer wind coming from the Sahara desert and affecting several countries. He took this name because he aimed to spread his animated films in the world like a wind, which no one can stop. Well, they surely achieved that goal and are flourishing more every year.

The founders of Studio Ghibli have survived bombing raids

Hayao Miyazaki born in 1941 and Isao Takahata born in 1935 have seen World War II as children. They both have survived war attacks and bombing raids. This experience of both of the founders can be clearly seen in Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies. This movie has depicted war effects on local residents perfectly and the bombing raids which the founders survived can be seen at the beginning of the film only. 

The directors don’t know the climax

Hayao Miyazaki storyboards everything himself and uses those images as a script. Production begins immediately after, so no one, including Miyazaki, knows how the film will end. “I don’t have the story finished and ready when we start work on a film,” “I usually don’t have the time. So the story develops when I start drawing storyboards. The production starts very soon thereafter, while the storyboards are still developing. We never know where the story will go but we just keep working on the film as it develops. It’s a dangerous way to make an animation film and I would like it to be different, but unfortunately, that’s the way I work and everyone else is kind of forced to subject themselves to It.” he said in a 2002 interview.

Studio Ghibli has a strict “No-Cut” policy

In 1984, Nausicaa was badly edited by an American studio to increase the reach of its audience.This also came to a head when Miramax distributed Princess Mononoke and Harvey Weinstein insisted on making cuts to the movie. In response, Studio Ghibli sent Miramax a samurai sword with the message “no cuts.” Well! That’s a legendary style.

Hayao Miyazaki declined to join the Oscars

Hayao Miyazaki has declined the Academy’s offer at least four times. When Spirited Away was nominated for the best-animated film, Hayao Miyazaki declined the invitation to the ceremony because of America’s involvement with the Iraq War. This boycott wasn’t much of a surprise if you analyze the ideas from his film.

Saturday is the massage day

Along with the great work of the studio Ghibli team, the founders take good care of its employees too. After a tiring week, every Saturday massage therapists visit Studio Ghibli and give them a deserving break. This helps in reducing the stress of hardworking animators and other team members of the studio.

The logo is Totoro

The logo of studio Ghibli features the main character Totoro from the film My Neighbor Totoro released in 1988, which was a giant rabbit-like creature and was the forest spirit. Totoro also made a cameo in Toy Story 3 as Pixar Animation always admired the work of Studio Ghibli.

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