7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

Every dog lover is absolutely sure that these furries love us back. It is obvious that they love things such as meaty treats and belly rubs nearly as much as you, but did you know about things dogs hate about us? Many things that you do can be irritating and can even affect their health and content being.

Think your dog loves hugs or you putting your hands in their face? Not at all. Dogs are too clingy when it comes to physical affection, but they draw the line at many points. Even the most relaxed dog will hate certain things that you do but still tolerate just because they love you or don’t want to be dominant. Many dogs hate things like vet visits or grooming that can’t be avoided, but here are 7 other things that dogs hate about you. 


7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

You may have thought that your dog loves to be hugged as you do, but the reality is that it makes them uncomfortable. Many dogs hate getting hugs, especially when it is from strangers. Dogs perceive a threat when humans place their arms around their neck or body but they often tolerate hugs from humans they trust. You can understand that your dog doesn’t like getting hugged if it yawns, averts its eyes, has a worried look, licks lips, leans away, or shows other appeasement gestures.

Getting in a dog’s face and personal space

7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

Dogs hate their humans putting hands on their face or nose as much as they hate hugging. What dogs feel will be the same as what you feel when someone gets in your face. Imagine someone constantly rubbing your nose  UGH! 

It is important to avoid putting hands in a dog’s face or rushing towards them especially if the dog doesn’t know you well. Be careful and avoid interfering with your dog’s personal space. While doing ear cleaning, tooth brushing or nail clipping you should be gentle and ensure to reward the dog with treats or praise.

Not letting a dog sniff and explore on walks

7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

Dogs like to go for walks, and the adventure is heightened when they sniff and explore during this time. To them, walking is more than just exercise – dogs enjoy exploring the outside world while walking outdoors. Unlike humans who explore the world primarily through eyes, doggos explore the surroundings primarily through smell. Dogs will feel pretty frustrated if you don’t allow them to stop and sniff while taking a walk outdoors. Just the ground, and other bums. 

Lack of routine and rules

7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

It is a dog’s instinct to have a proper routine and rules, and it is important to teach them the same. Being divine creatures, dogs love staying disciplined. Don’t be too spontaneous with your pet, they’ll hate you. Have a routine and rules for your dog, because it has an internal clock, and the rules are important to providing structure in its life. Dogs need a timely routine when it comes to feeding, exercising and even sleeping, so that it makes their world more predictable and boosts their confidence. Your dog will seem happier and more active if it has structured rules and routine.

Yelling and harsh punishment

7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

We just talked about dogs loving discipline. That does not, at all, mean that they love being disciplined, especially the hard way. 

Just like anyone, dogs don’t like to be yelled at or harshly punished. Your puppy may not understand what you are saying but can sense your emotions. Yelling or punishments can upset or scare your dog, especially if it is sensitive or fearful. This fear can even weaken your relationship. Correct the unwanted behavior of your dog by trying to redirect it in a positive way. Because honestly, why on earth would you yell at the sweetest creature alive?

Dressing them up 

7 Things Dogs Hate About Hoomans

Yes, a few breeds of dogs, like maltese, like being dressed up on occasion. Yes, there exist doggo supermodels like Bodhi, the beautiful shiba inu. But that’s a rarity. 

Dogs may tolerate costumes even when they don’t enjoy them, so you should get to know them through their body language before forcing them into an outfit. When your dog is in need of protection from the cold, you should start with small, lightweight items while associating them with treats or other rewards.

Strong fragrances

Dogs don’t entertain taking in all types of scents and odors as they are far more sensitive than humans when it comes to the sense of smell. These creatures can be easily bothered by the smell, and being exposed to strong fragrances can even irritate their little noses, sometimes leading to allergies.  Avoid spraying anything directly on your dog and ensure that their face is protected when applying a medical spray. Make sure to use perfume, hairspray, surface disinfectants or air freshers away from your dog and avoid harsh products.

There are many other things that your dogs hate about you. But with some understanding and adjustment, you can easily do away with these deal breakers. Watch out for your pup’s body language, and try to figure out what’s going on if you see something a little fishy. 

Now you know dogs better because you’re aware of the things they hate. If you want to know more about doggos, read the answers to the 10 most googled dog questions.

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