These 2D Comic Illusion Cakes Will Mess With Your Head

Imagine getting an ugly cake on your birthday. Not traumatizing, but surely devastating. It is no news that what a preparation – especially a cake – looks like remains just as important as the taste, if not more. After all, digestion starts the moment you look at something. Then it comes as no surprise that people spend hundreds of dollars getting the perfect cake for their loved one, and just like that, bakers spend hours upon hours perfecting every single dessert. The latest addition in this little book of beautiful, otherworldly cakes are the 2D comic illusion cakes – something that looks like it popped out of a comic strip or a webtoon!

These 2D Comic Illusion Cakes Will Mess With Your Head
via Instagram, by Mopmuku

The perfect delight for lovers of what occurs on paper, the 2D comic cake is an edible illusion. The trend, started by a baker who goes by the username ‘Mopmuku’ on instagram, has left the internet hungry and drooling. The original version of the comic cake involved sliced strawberries and multiple layers. Mopmuku shared a video of the cake arrangement and assembly. It was then sliced through, and black lines were drawn to give it a two dimensional appearance. 

After the video went viral, many up-and-coming bakeries all over the world tried their hands at the comic cake. Some of the most beautiful and popular illusionary cakes were by the Baker Moucup, who created not only cakes but also cake rolls!

Other bakeries and cafes joined the trend, a notable one being the Ameisen Dorf Cafe in Paraguay. 

When it comes to Singapore, the trend has sped up surprisingly, with a number of bakeries offering whole comic illusion cakes and slices of it – customer’s choice. Cake Spade is the most popular comic cake serving bakery in the country.

While the 2D comic cake might look like a task, it’s not too different from a traditional cake. All that’s additional are the black lines, made with chocolate. These markings look like they’re brushstrokes, drawn by a pen. 

If you’re not feeling too lazy and want to save some bucks, you can even create the comic cake at home. Heat a mixture of black gel food coloring, whipped cream and semisweet chocolate. Your icing is ready, and all you have to do is fill this mix in a piping bag. Get creative, start outlining the components of your cake, and you have stepped into a comic book! 

These two dimensional illusion cakes work best when the cake has ample layers of fruit, cream, and the cake itself. If you want to add an extra pop, try adding various food colourings to the components of the cake. But hey, fair warning: the cake might end up looking too good, and thus reside in a cabinet instead of the belly. 

Love everything comics? Now step into a comic book as soon as you step into this Korean cafe.

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