7 Tips to Make Your Bath An Incredible Experience

There’s nothing like a relaxing spa after a long day at work. While going to a spa often is impractical you can still have a spa-like experience at home. We are not talking about booking a spa at home; instead of creating a spa-like bath experience at home. Here are seven tips that will help you create a luxurious, relaxing and incredible bath experience for your self.

  1. 1 Your ‘Me Time’

    First and foremost you need to create your ‘Me Time’. This means putting up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and telling your spouse, kids, friends, roommates, and anybody else who is there that you will be lost to the world for a bit. Mute your phone or switch it off so that you are not worried about any work calls and messages during your bath. You can deal with them later. It’s your time, so disconnect from work to relax.

  2. 2 Create an Ambience

    Create a relaxing and refreshing ambience in your bathroom. Bathroom lighting plays an important role here.  Light a scented candle for an enhanced experience. Choose your favorite aroma, be it lavender, peppermint, rose. You can also use some aroma oil diffuser to create a pleasant ambience. Play your favorite music or choose a soothing and pleasant playlist that can play on your BlueTooth speaker while you relax.

  3. 3 Set The Temperature

    Now that you have everything ready, it is time to get into the bathtub. Before you jump right in make sure you set the temperature right. 94 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius is an optimum temperature your relax your muscles. But obviously you won’t be scampering for a thermometer so you need to gauge the temperature yourself. You can use your elbow or your wrist to check the temperature whether it’s comfortable or not. It shouldn’t be too hot or you won’t be able to relax your self. But keep it slighter warmer than what’s bearable so that it doesn’t cool down too quickly.

  4. 4 Bath Salts or Bath Bombs

    You need some rejuvenating stuff to soak in for a relaxing spa-like feeling. Buy some bath bombs enriched with bath salts and essential oils. These diffuse in the water adding perfume and softness to it. When you soak yourself in warm water your pores open and absorb the salts and oils. They restore the natural moisture of your cells and hydrate your skin. You can get these in bath stores or make some of your own.  

  5. 5 Take a Beauty Bath

    If you don’t get time to follow a beauty regimen, then this is the time when you can replenish your skin. Apply a face mask or use a mask sheet before you get into the water. You will not only relax your body but will also rejuvenate your skin. 

  6. 6 Fix a Bath Shelf

    One thing that you might need is a shelf to keep some stuff. If you want to read or enjoy a glass of wine a bath shelf comes in handy. You can keep your book or glass on the shelf when you are done or don’t want to hold it for too long. Also, keep a hand towel on the shelf to use it in case your stuff gets wet. If you are not a wine person you can opt for some herb tea.

  7. 7 Bath Robe

    The post-bath time is as important as bath time. You don’t want to be scampering for a towel right after your bath or you probably just don’t want to get dressed right after. Get a nice soft bathrobe and hang it in your bathroom before you enter the bathtub. You can also get a big fluffy towel for that. Snuggle into your bathrobe and relax a little before you change into your clothes.

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