7 Tips To Properly Care Of Your Sphynx Cat

Cats are not much social around people, but when it comes to a Sphynx they change our whole perception. These hairless cats are attention seekers and love to be around humans at all times. Unlike many other cat breeds, you will rarely see a Sphynx cat lazily sitting in the window or sleeping on the couch.

sphynx cat in front of plant

They are known for their extroverted behaviour and are always vocal to let you know if they want something, for food, attention or letting inside somewhere. Sphynx are a cat breed that is more like a dog that shows a high level of energy, intelligence, curiosity, and affection for the owners. They love to frequently greet their owners at the door and get friendly with strangers. Not having a coat to shed or groom doesn’t make Sphynx cats maintenance-free. 

Regular Bathing

Unlike most other cats, Sphynx requires regular bathing weekly or bi-weekly, as they tend to build up body oils on the skin, as there is no hair to absorb it. A mild shampoo that doesn’t have a scent is ideal for applying on your Sphynx. Fill warm water in a tub to a level that reaches the cat’s belly. Ensure a relaxing atmosphere in the house to prevent your Sphynx from panicking and escaping during the bath. Placing a towel on the bottom of the tub will prevent the cat from slipping and causing panic. Gently dip the cat into the water without forcing and we the body with a washcloth. Use a small sponge to rub the soapy water all over the body, but with special care on sensitive areas like eyes and nose.

white sphinx covered by red textile

Afterbath Care

The Sphynx should be taken extreme care soon after a bath. Use a warm towel to make the cat completely dry before letting go. It is important to dry the quickly as the cat will already be hurrying to go. Take time to clean the ears of your Sphynx with an earbud, while being swaddled in a towel. You can also put any ear drops that are prescribed by the vet.

orange tabby cat lying on black and white nike athletic shoes

Nail Clipping

For a hairless cat-like Sphynx, it is crucial to keep the nails always trimmed as long claws may result in the Sphynx accidentally scratching open wounds which lead to infections. Clipping your Sphynx claws regularly can prevent from ingrown nails from getting stuck on carpets and clothes. It would be easier to make your Sphynx comfortable with nail clippings when they are a kitten. If it is difficult for you to clip the claws of your Sphynx you can have your vet to get it done for you.

Keeping Your Sphynx Warm

There should be immense care given for your Sphynx cat during the winter season. You have to provide plenty of blankets and cat beds for your cats to suffice their lack of fur. You can get a heated cat bed specially designed for hairless cats from your vet store. It is good to dress your Sphynx in warm clothing, but make sure that cat has gradually adapted to it. Wash these clothes regularly to get rid of dirt formed by the disposition of oils on the skin.

sphynx cat

Summer Care

Make sure that your cat has plenty of space to help regulate their body temperature during the summer season. You can choose for air conditioning, fans or cooling mats to ensure proper cool off for your Sphynx. Chilled food will make a great summer treat for your cat only if they have no dietary restrictions.

Skin Care

The skincare of your Sphynx cat should be of utmost priority at all times. There should be extra care taken to limit the Sphynx’s exposure to direct sunlight, as it is easy for them to catch sunburn and skin damages. You should make sure that they aren’t left outdoors unattended, as their ability to maintain body heat is limited in cold temperature. Clogging of dirt and dust in the pores can lead them to develop skin issues like acne similar to humans. You can keep light moisturising wipes handy to avoid a full bath to prevent acne and dandruff. Choose for moisturising wipes made with all-natural ingredients for hairless cats.

Sphynx cat


The feeding of your Sphynx is a crucial thing, as it needs many nutrition to ensure good health. As Sphynx have a higher metabolism, you have to ensure a diet that includes the best ingredients that satisfy, nourishes and prevents them from future health problems. Going for a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet is always good for your Sphynx. You can feed them with protein-rich foods like raw chicken, fish or rabbit, liver and heart. The Carbohydrate intake of your Sphynx should be kept low and balanced with that of protein so that the pet will maintain a healthy immune system and lean body mass. It will also make sure that they will not scream for food outside of their regular mealtime. Foods rich in fats would be great for enhancing the absorption of Vitamins A, D, K and E for your Sphynx.

1 adult cat Sphynx. img 019.jpg
Wikimedia Commons/Dmitry Makeev

Sphynx cats have become much popular as extremely social creatures that are attached to their human. They are also one of the cat breeds with the highest risk of separation anxiety. The care for Sphynx cats should be just for keeping them warm, clean and healthy, but to ensure them a relaxed atmosphere and help them stay calm in stressful situations.

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