8 Games For PC To Play Right Away!

Ever-so-often the gaming mind craves something refreshing. While there’s no denying that the same two games take off the edge, thanks to repetitive motions, a change in our regular view-press-win can do wonders for our mind. If you are someone looking to try out new games for PC, you have stumbled across the right page. Here is our list of 8 PC games that you need to play right now. Each one of them is amazing on its own and will surely entertain you to its best.

House of Ashes

8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

House of Ashes is a 2021 game that is the third installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology series. The Dark Pictures Anthology has planned eight series, and the first came out in 2019, Man of Medan. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a survival game with an engaging story and gameplay. The other thing that stands out for this one is its graphics that will surely blow your mind. The Horror interactive drama game is developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. A must-try. 

Back 4 Blood

8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

Another edgy installment for this list. And yes, we are planning to spook up your gaming experience. This 2021 game is the perfect one for people who love the good old shooting games. The game is online and is a multiplayer first-person shooting game. The game is developed by Turtle Rock Studios. While the publisher for this one is Warner Bros. So, collect your friends and get ready for some fun shooting from behind the screen.


8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

Okay, people, the ones who really do have phasmophobia, this game is surely not for you. The rest of the gaming community that is somewhat fine with ghosts can look forward to this 2020 game. The game is developed and published by Kinetic Games, a British indie game studio. It is an investigative horror game that deals with your cooperation and psychological skills. It can be played online with four players.  

Death Loop

8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

Let’s hop onto a mind-numbing game. This 2021 game is surely a ride that you cannot miss. As hinted in the name itself, the game deals with time and loops. The player is an assassin stuck on an island with a mission to kill 8 people. Missing even one of the eight will reset the timeline before midnight. The game is a first-person shooting game and is developed by Arkane Studios.

Age of Empires 4

8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

Some games never lose their charm. The Age of Empires series is one of them. This 2021 game is the fourth installment to the Age of Empires series. The game is a real-time strategy game that you play online. It will test your skills with planning and call to action and will surely keep you on edge. The game is developed by Relic Entertainment in partnership with World’s Edge.


8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

Valheim is a 2021 survival and sandbox game that will surely engage you for hours. If you loved Minecraft, then you will like this one as well. The game is developed by the Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. It is watchable and fun to play when it comes to its buildings and exploration. We are sure you will love to try this one. 


8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

This 2021 release is surely one of the most entertaining PC games so far. The game will always engage you to its best. The graphics and designs are bright and colorful. But what makes it the best is the concept. You follow the journey of heroes from the beginning to the end. It also demands strategizing. However, your decisions and selection can actually alter the cast of the characters or can simply change your game world. It is developed by Worldwalker Games. 


8 PC Games To Play Right Away!

The game is too big and complex, but that is what will blow your mind when it comes to such games. This 2020 game is developed by the Czech studio Wube Software. The game is about building and management. The graphics are too complex, which shows how beautiful the gaming experience will be. The game will also have a fair amount of exploration in space. So, you surely will enjoy the game. 

So, these were our 8 cool PC games to play right now. Each one of them is an amazing game, so none will let you down for sure. So, which one are you playing first?

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