Answer These Questions And We’ll Guess Your Bias From BTS!

The members of BTS are like a god-given light source for this world; our very own, earthly sun, moon, and stars. Their immeasurable talents, praise-worthy hard work, and unique, lovable personalities make them the biggest boy band in the world. There are seven of them, and it’s as though their fans- A.R.M.Y.s- have grown seven different hearts to contain the love we feel for each of them. 

While being a BTS fan itself entails loving all of the members unconditionally, we grow to develop an affinity towards a particular member over time. It may be because we idolize them, or we find them relatable at some level. Let’s find out who this member is for you! 

  1. 1 The BT21 characters are an absolute dose of cuteness. Choose one-

    1. Cooky
    2. Koya
    3. Chimmy
    4. Tata
    5. R.J.
    6. Mang
    7. Shooky
  2. 2 Which BTS member do you find the most attractive? (You're welcome to do the BTS fan chant from these options!)

    1. Kim Namjoon
    2. Kim Seokjin
    3. Min Yoongi
    4. Jung Hoseok
    5. Park Jimin
    6. Kim Taehyung
    7. Jeon Jungkook
  3. 3 Which of these hobbies do you love?

    1. Listening to and/or making your own music
    2. Cooking and practising your chef skills (and of course, eating heartily afterwards!)
    3. Going for a walk in the park or near the mountains or the sea
    4. Practising martial arts and working on physical fitness
    5. Trying out fashionable styles and photography
    6. Hanging out with friends and taking selfies
    7. Choreographing new dance routines
  4. 4 Choose your favorite Korean meal-

    1. Kimchi stew
    2. Kimchi fried rice
    3. Japchae
    4. Seafood (lobster)
    5. Bulgogi
    6. Kalguksu (Korean knife noodles)
    7. Korean cream cheese garlic bread
  5. 5 Which one of these are you in your friend group?

    1. The Forever Sunshine- I can uplift anyone's mood with my cheerful energy
    2. The Quiet But Powerful One- one may think I'm lazy or aloof, but I am hardworking and have meaningful thoughts
    3. The Fun-Loving Mom- I am one of the oldest and most mature, but I can get everyone to laugh with my light-hearted jokes
    4. The Responsible Smarty-Pants- I am intelligent, inspiring, and mostly calm, but I can be a little clumsy
    5. The Beautiful Caring Angel- I love my friends very much, and despite having some insecurities about myself, I want to support them in any way I can!
    6. The Unique Charisma- I have a powerful presence and out-of-the-box ideas, and I'm pretty stylish too!
    7. The All-Rounder- Not to boast, but I can do anything I put my mind to (no matter what the field is) and I am ambitious, but I'm adorable!
  6. 6 Which BTS solo is your go-to song-

    1. Epiphany
    2. Euphoria
    3. Lie
    4. Interlude: Shadow
    5. Outro: Ego
    6. Intro: Persona
    7. Winter bear
  7. 7 Choose your favorite K-pop related event/activity-

    1. Mukbang (food ASMR)
    2. Award Shows and Speeches
    3. Fun games among members (like Run BTS)
    4. Members traveling to various places together (like Bon Voyage)
    5. Fan meets and album signing
    6. Interactions with fans in live streams (like V-Live)
    7. On-stage concerts and performances
  8. 8 Birth flowers are assigned to each month of the year and symbolize something, much like zodiac signs. Pick one out of these-

    1. Clematis (Inner Beauty)
    2. Spirea (Love and Elegance)
    3. Carolina Allspice (Tenderness and Charity)
    4. Larch (Perseverance)
    5. Buttercup (Charm and Child-like nature)
    6. Tiger flower (Wealth and Confidence)
    7. Rumex (Affection)
  9. 9 Which is your favorite iconic BTS moment? (If you know, you know)

    1. "Lachimolala. Tony Montana? La-Gi-Bo-La-La."
    2. *breaks every pair of sunglasses he holds*
    3. *introducing himself as WorldWide Handsome*
    4. *cooking magical sweet potatoes that stick to the plate*
    5. *V's iconic, easily misinterpreted English pronunciations*
    6. "I Hate Snakeu"
    7. *Min Yoongi who? We only know the pretty girl Min Yoonji who every BTS member wants to flirt with*
  10. 10 Which of these BTS collaborations did you/ would you love to see?

    1. Halsey
    2. Troye Sivan
    3. Suran
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. The Chainsmokers
    6. Becky-G
    7. IU

Answer These Questions And We'll Guess Your Bias From BTS!

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  1. Quiz result

    Kim Namjoon (RM)

    Well, to be fair, who doesn’t love the best leader in the world? Our dear Joon is the binding force of BTS. He keeps them together with his maturity and responsibility, and he is the spokesperson of the group who perfectly represents them in the world. He is humble, nature-loving, and adorable with his occasional shyness and clumsiness. And can’t forget, he is a brilliant problem solver with an IQ of 148!

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  2. Quiz result

    Kim Seokjin (Jin)

    This man is a whole world of personality and entertainment in himself, so you can’t help but love him. He keeps BTS lively and light-hearted, and even though he is the eldest of the group, he is best known for being able to let go like a child and have fun. His dad jokes and crazy laugh are just some of the things that make him so iconic, not to mention his unwavering self-confidence. Of course, he is one good-looking man with angelic vocals and wonderful performing skills. He is mature, sweet, and caring for his younger brothers (he also loves animals!), but fans love his funny and humorous side the most.

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  3. Quiz result

    Min Yoongi (Suga)

    Ah, Lil' Meow Meow himself. Suga is too often perceived as aloof and lazy, but maybe those people don’t know about his struggles and perseverant hard work through difficult times. He may not be the most energetic and outspoken member, but his presence is powerful because of his meaningful thoughts and his complete change of persona on stage. His rapping and performing skills are among the best in the world. And I mean, he is smol so, naturally, he is adorable and can be very upbeat and funny when he’s comfortable.

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  4. Quiz result

    Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

    Of course, this man is undeniably the sunshine of BTS, and he is purer than an angel. Hobi just seems like the most caring, cheerful, presence out there, and his ability to make others smile with his cuteness is amazing. He is sensitive to his own emotions and those of others and is generally a forgive and forget kinda person. He gets pretty serious and passionate when it comes to performing though, as you can see from his god-like dancing and rapping ability. We’re his hope, he is our hope, he is J-HOPE!

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    Park Jimin (Jimin)

    As dubbed accurately by James Corden, this boy is the cutest baby mochi ever. He is like a Disney prince; graceful, talented, and kind. He is so very supportive towards each of the BTS members and cheers them up in difficult times. Jimin really does seem to become a different person on stage, taking on a commanding, intimidating, flawless presence as opposed to his usual chirpy and easy to approach aura. His angelic singing and magical dance moves make him a top-tier artist, and you can’t help but love the wide smile that spreads through his entire face.

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    Kim Taehyung (V)

    It is no surprise that you Purple the boy who gave a new meaning to this color and made it so special. Tae-Tae is innocent, adorably loud, and has the most childlike boxy smile that we live for. His uniqueness and tendency to be a trend-setter make him charismatic and very likable. He has a curious, observant nature, and he very frequently expresses his love towards his fans and fellow members. He has a unique relationship with each of the rest of BTS, and we can gauge his sweet personality from their interactions. Of course, he is extremely handsome and is a god when it comes to performing and singing. Seriously though, his stage presence is a force to be reckoned with.

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  7. Quiz result

    Jeon Jungkook (JK)

    The Golden Maknae of BTS has a pretty huge fanbase of his own, and it’s not without reason. He is the youngest, but his ambition, confidence, and desire to develop and prove himself are admirable even by his hyungs. Kookie is also the baby of Bangtan, with his neverending cuteness and sweetness, but his duality knows no bounds. He is very energetic, gets along with the other members, and is an all-rounder performer with perfect vocals, perfect dancing, and a perfect vibe. Not only that, Jungkook seems to have a crazy, vast skill set, including but not limited to painting, martial arts, athletics, music (of course), gaming, and photography. We stan a talented king.

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