Apple TV+ 2022: 10 Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

Since its launch in 2019, Apple TV+ has been known for its wide offering of popular shows for audiences around the world. The platform has seen a significant increase in the number of users for the impressive selection of titles it offers. Compared with other streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max, the original content offered by Apple TV+ seems quite daunting. This service has something for everyone, with its wide range of shows across genres including drama, sci-fi, comedy and documentary series. For users of Apple TV+, 2022 looks like a great year because it offers a choice of phenomenal titles. You will have the best of the best shows to enjoy, be it period shows like Pachinko, period shows like Pachinko, fan favorite comedies like Ted Lasso, celebrity documentaries like They Call Me Magic or kid-friendly shows like Snoopy in Space. Let’s take a at what,you need to watch on Apple TV+, 2022 version.


Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

Centered around a mind-boggling premise, Severance is a series that you should binge-watch right now. Mark Scout, is one of the many worker-bees at Lumon, the company that performs severance on its employees. The final episode of the series is one of the most exhilarating episodes in recent shows. Severance is a less satirical and more horrifying spin on Black Mirror, that is replacing Ted Lasso as Apple TV’s most heralded show.

The Essex Serpent

Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

The Essex Serpent is centered around Cora Seaborne, a London widow, who moves to Essex in pursuit of the mystical serpent said to inhabit its local waters. In her investigation of the serpent abducting townsfolk in Essex, she finds herself in a very murky situation. She meets with Will Ransome the town’s pastor and known skeptic who she bonds with first as well as locals who believe she attracted the recent tragedies with her inquiries. The limited series that just started is sure to make you eagerly wait for the next episodes.

Shining Girls

Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

The time-bending crime mystery series, Shining Girls is an adaptation of Lauren Beukes’ novel. The series has Elizabeth Moss playing the role of Kirby Mazrachi, a newspaper researcher who goes through mental trauma after being the victim of a horrific attack. The show keeps shifting without warning through details in her life including where she lives. The series which is one of the best shows on Apple TV can sometimes be confusing with its mind-bending conceit.


Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

Foundation is the adaptation of the short story series by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov first published in 1942–50. The series follows a group of rebels aiming to take down the corrupt Galactic Empire. Foundation chronicles the thousand-year complex saga of humans living under the rule of the Galactic Empire across planets throughout the galaxy who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to defy it.


Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, Pachinko is a far-reaching historical epic about generations of a Korean immigrant family struggling to survive during the Japanese occupation. Pachinko is dense and layered and is one of the best shows of the year. The series is made intrinsically with the use of Japanese and Korean language with subtitles of the series presented in different colors.

They Call Me Magic

Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

They Call Me Magic takes a look into the life of Magic Johnson the five-time NBA champion for the Los Angeles Lakers in the ’80s. Being one of the best basketball players of all time, the special four-part docu-series focuses on his contributions to history and continued impact on culture. The series charts the cinematic life of Magic by featuring intimate interviews with him and an all-star lineup.


Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend
Pictured: Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinian of the Apple TV + series TEHRAN.

The Israeli spy thriller television series created by Moshe Zonders follows Tamar Rabinyan, a young Jewish ex-Mossad hacker agent born in Iran but raised in Israel on her first mission in Iran’s capital. She helps dismantle an Iranian nuclear plant by infiltrating Tehran under a false identity. As Tamar fails in the initial plan, she decides on an operation that will put everyone close to her in jeopardy.

Mythic Quest

Apple TV+ 2022: 10  Terrific Shows To Binge On This Weekend

Mythic Quest follows the sitcom hijinks and personal relationships behind the world’s largest multiplayer video game. This live-action series about the life of video game developers is ranked top among “shows that we never knew we needed”. Starring Rob McElhenney who played in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the show carries the excellent banter from that series but the characters are less heinous than the Sunny gang.

Prehistoric Planet

Prehistoric Planet is a five-part nature documentary series about the surmised lives of various ancient creatures that used to walk the Earth. Narrated by Davide Attenborough, anyone who loves to watch majestic dinosaurs and extraordinary creatures moving about the lands, seas and skies will have a fun time watching Prehistoric Planet. Traveling back 66 million years the show is packed with amazing CGI dinosaur rendering and dramatic stories.

Dr, Brain

Created by Kim Jee-Woon, Dr, Brain is a South Korean sci-fi thriller series based on the Korean webtoon of the same name. Dr. Brain follows Sewon, a brilliant brain scientist who suffers a horrific personal tragedy. He conducts “brain sync” with the dead using the unique machine he invented to access and experience their memories to uncover what happened to his family. Dr. Brain which debuted on November 4, 2021 to accompany the launch of Apple TV in South Korea was also the first Korean-language show produced for the streaming service.

You can enjoy these shows and a variety of other content from children’s shows to more mature series. If you already have a subscription to Apple TV+, 2022 will be full of vinge-worthy shows for you!

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