Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

Searching for a watchable show in a streaming app can be a bit troublesome sometimes. Obviously, searching itself can be avoided completely, but it surely can take more time than estimated. The endless number of options further makes the entire show hunting process a pain to endure. To make your work a little easier, though, we are here with 10 recommendations. You can stream these 10 series on Apple TV+ and be assured you’ll have a great time!


Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

This list has to start with this one for sure. The show is making headlines for all the right reasons. See is a much-watch that you simply cannot miss. The 2019 sci-fi has an engaging concept that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot takes place in the future, where people have lost the ability to see. It has compelled humankind to find out ways to communicate without the sense of visuals. However, the series takes an interesting turn with the birth of a set of twins that can finally be seen!

Defending Jacob

Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

What would you choose between your loved one and your duty? And before you answer, let us be clear that the duty in question is to follow the law while the loved one here might be a criminal. Defending Jacob is a 2020 mystery drama that you should watch on Apple TV+. A crime shakes the entire town. While the protagonist is stuck between choosing his duty and defending his son from a possible crime. The show will engage you for most of its parts. The series is based on a novel with the same name written by William Landay.


Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

A young female writer writing about her surroundings while also understanding the society in the 19th century can never bore you. The same is with Dickinson. Dickinson is a 2020 comedy-drama that will surely give you a good laugh. The drama is about the writer Emily Dickinson that will lighten up your mood with her perspective on societal norms during that era. The focus is well placed on gender and such inequalities. A must-watch for sure!

Ted Lasso

Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

Any script is bound to be hilarious if the protagonist is made to do something that they have no experience with. And no, we are not talking about some easy work but professional soccer instead! Well, Ted Lasso is one such comedy-drama that will give you some memorable moments to laugh and cry about. The 2020 show is about Ted Lasso, who is made to coach a professional soccer team in England. The fun part is that he has absolutely no experience with the same!

Mythic Quest

Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

Of course, playing games is always fun. But have you ever wondered how to create one? Well, according to what we saw in Mythic Quest, game developers also have a lot of fun while creating it. Mystic Quest is a 2020 comedy-drama that will surely make you laugh with the on-spot characters and their acting skills. The plot revolves around a team of game developers that are creating a game named Mythic Quest. It already has a huge fanbase. The show focuses on something new that we have ever seen in a show! A must-watch for sure! Stream it on Apple TV+ today.

The Morning Show

Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

This drama is a must-watch for sure. Especially for the people who have a thing for media and its workings. The show is a depiction of the workplace of a morning show. The series has an amazing cast and a very capturing story. It is all about how the media works and how shows and show hosts deal with the responsibility of running an entire show on mainstream television! This one is a highly recommendable series!


Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

Physical is a very engaging series. You surely will get a good laugh out of it. It also deals with the common lives of women in the 80s. The 2021 comedy-drama is about a housewife in the 80s. She is supportive of her husband but has demons of her own. So she decides to join aerobics. Aerobics becomes a turning point for her, and the show focuses exactly on that! You surely should give this a try!

Home Before Dark

Top 10 Shows To Stream On Apple TV+

A mystery in the woods is never disappointing. The same goes with Home Before Dark. This 2020 mystery drama is worth a watch for sure. The story revolves around a young girl who pays a visit to the local woods in a town where her dad grew up. The plot takes a u-turn in an interesting manner as she unfolds some buried secrets that the town, including her father, is trying to hide in those woods. 

For All Mankind: Time Capsule

It is a perfect series to binge for sci-fi lovers. The series has a very engaging plot not only because it is all about space exploration but also because it shows a different outlook of the society in the old era. The series is about the space exploration race that happened. However, in this series, the race never ended. In fact, the recruitment was also focused on women and minorities. The series focuses on the possibilities that would have happened if space exploration would have continued. 

Little America

The name somewhat beautifully summarizes the concept of the series. The 2020 comedy-drama is a must-watch. The show focuses on the lives of various immigrants in America. The series covers all the points on a positive note. This light-hearted show can be watched for some light comedy filled with a touch of romance. A recommendable series for sure!

These were some of the shows that you can watch on Apple TV+. Each one of them is worth a try! So, which one are you binging first?

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