Beauty In The Beast: Meet The Canadian Marble Fox

Whether you’ve had constant pet companions over the years or are just now looking to adopt one, foxes and wolves have surely crossed your mind. Leave aside the cunning portrayal of foxes in books and childhood stories, they can be a delightful and naughty addition to your family. But can they be too wild to be domesticated? Today, we’re here to talk about the feline, otherworldly creed of foxes – the Canadian Marble Fox!


Why Marble?

The most intriguing aspect of the Arctic Marble Fox, also called the Canadian Fox, is perhaps its coat. The ‘fur’ resembles a stone marble – with streaks of grey or black or tan, while the most prominent colour remains white. 

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These creatures also have dark rims around their eyes like a raccoon or a vaquita. The adult male of this species weighs around 6-21lbs and is 18-27 inches in height, whereas its female counterpart weighs 3-8lbs only and is 18-20 inches in height. 

What do these foxes behave like?


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Wild and free. Like all foxes, the Canadian Marble foxes love being on their own. They’re wicked, supremely naughty and can be easily startled and pissed. They can be a little friendly, too. 

These creatures are insanely energetic, so it’s better if someone can find a constructive way to take it off. Arctic foxes are also a little mood-swingy, but this only makes them unpredictable. 

Should I get a pet Canadian Marble fox?

These foxes have not been domesticated, but it’s worth a shot. However, if you already have a dog or a cat, or any other pet for that matter, you might want to not adopt a marble fox. You see, you can’t train these little beasts like you can a dog or a cat. And if you try to, your finger might get chopped off.


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If you do decide to get one, be sure you have the capital to pay for their healthcare, food, insurance and the like. They are on the high-maintenance end of the animal spectrum, and high emotional maintenance too. 

Fun fact about the Marble Foxes 

As most of the beautiful animals are, the Canadian Marble Foxes are a cross breed. They didn’t occur naturally until 1945, in Canada, when a breeder put together an Arctic fox and a red fox. 


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To date, most marble foxes are only available at a genuine breeder’s ground. 

Do you want to pet a Marble Fox? Tell us in the comments below!

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