These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Anime Of All Times!

There are so many advantages of belonging to an anime community. So much so that you can maybe make a movie out of it-The Perks of Being in an Anime Community. Not only the movie will have hailed heroes like the ones who recommend some top source shows, but can also have villains like the manga spoilers! No beef at manga readers who love to spoil the story for anime-only people, but seriously, what is the need? Anyway, coming back to the topic, one other advantage is that the anime community never back off from showing their love for their favourite anime. And an anime that is the favourite of many automatically becomes the peak one. A most-watched anime can enter the good books of the viewers, and a list of top 10 such anime can also be a wholesome guide, correct? So we thought to create this guide through this list of the top 10 most watched anime of all time! Take a look at the list and watch the ones that you still haven’t already!

Dragon Ball Series

You know your childhood was awesome if you know what Dragon Ball is all about! The anime simply has a special place in our hearts. Almost all the kids grew up watching this wholesome series. There is a reason why half the generation of its time still does the famous Kamehame Ha! The series came out in 1989 and still is making a strong fan base! And not to forget the obsession it left among the people for those weird spiky orange hair!

These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Anime Of All Times!


Who doesn’t love this cute orange hair ninja? Naruto is one of the best anime out there. No matter how many the episodes are, the show still has many dedicated fans who will give away everything to complete this wholesome story. It’s safe to say that this anime taught us countless things. And let’s not forget the power of ‘Talk no Jutsu’ that helped us understand the power of empathy and understanding. The anime deserves all the right to be on this list. Something that we re-watch from time to time, correct?

These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Anime Of All Times!


It is another peak anime that changed our childhood. No doubt the anime is on this list. The anime has all the correct characters to love, and the show has a dedicated fan base that will re-watch it till the end of the time. And no, that was not exaggerated. Action can be really hard, and bloody was taught to us by this anime. It makes all the sense that the show is on this list. 

These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Anime Of All Times!

One Piece

There are several anime that have a lot of episodes. However, this one is on the next level. The fandom needs a category of its own because they have shown some real dedication. Despite the long commitment, the show is still gaining new viewers. Maybe because the anime is still going on and seems to never end. Or maybe because it’s simply one of the best. This pirate show has all the right and love to be on this list. 

These Are The Top 10 Most Watched Anime Of All Times!

Saint Seiya

This 2018 anime series sure made the crown crazy! This anime, unlike the above ones, is not that old. But it has already made a strong fan base. It is a Japanese-American series, and it is based on the 80s manga. The show is full of fantasies and can show you some amazing plots. The series can be a bit tragic, but then that’s how every anime is, correct. The anime is one of the most-watched and is a must-watch!

Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime is bound to be on a list like this. The show is surely one of the most-watched. The 2003 anime made a special place in our hearts during our childhood. The brotherly bond and the power of magic were what kept this anime at its peak. This show is still going strong and is gaining many new fans. When it comes to emotional trauma, the show never lets the fans down. A must-watch for sure!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This 1995 anime series created the love for machines in our childhood. The anime had an interesting concept along with an engaging story. The show, of course, is on the list for all its amazing mechanical fights that made the fans wonder if they can do the same. The anxiety to win every battle to save humanity was another reason why people were so hooked on the show!

Tengen Toppa Gurren- Lagann

This 2007 anime was one of the best that the anime community ever saw. It gave a gist to the people about the level of harshness that mother nature can show. The anime deserves all the right to be on this list. The frequent earthquakes and the struggles of living that the characters faced in this anime made it worth enjoying. 

Death Note

Any anime list that shows the popularity of an anime is incomplete without this anime. Death Note is by far one of the best anime that one can ever watch. Of course, this show made it to this list as well. The horror of watching Light pull the strings to become a god will always be fresh on our minds. Another reason why the anime was a peak one was the mind of L and Light that made this anime worth watching.

Attack on Titan

Of course, this list is nowhere near to be complete if this anime is not in it. Attack on Titan is one of those anime that will always have fans. Of course, the existing ones will be there, but we are particularly pointing at the new future fans. The anime has all the potential to break our hearts into a thousand little pieces. Despite that, the show is one of the most-watched anime that has some of the strongest characters. Not to forget the plot that can engage just about anyone!

These were some of the most-watched anime of all time. And for all the right reasons! So, how many of these have you watched already?

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