Behold The Age Of Paper Water Bottles!

Around a million plastic bottles are being bought every single minute around the globe. That’s 1,000,000 bottles every 60 seconds. Do the math!

Plastic bottles have their own perks – they’re practical, seal tight, are convenient, blah blah – but they’re killing the earth in unimaginable ways. What’s worse is that only 10% of these plastic bottles are recycled. The rest of them are dumped in water bodies – making it totally uninhabitable for our marine friends, and everywhere else – waiting for decomposition process to work for almost 500 years, and leaving microplastics anywhere and everywhere.

This is what made Jim Warner’s son ask him…

Behold The Age Of Paper Water Bottles!

“Daddy, why do you work as a trash designer?”

Jim Warner is a water bottle designer, and was left speechless when his little guy questioned his profession.

And this is how the Paper Water Bottle started!

It’s impossible for us to reduce our water consumption, but is it actually necessary to use plastic water bottles? Of course not! BYOWB (bring your own water bottle) and Keep Cup and some alternatives, but they aren’t as effective. Paper Water Bottle, though, is a revolutionary product that has the potential to change the history of our Earth (which we need. Deadly!).

What are Paper Water Bottles made of?

Behold The Age Of Paper Water Bottles!

Paper Water Bottle is producing the water bottles by using pulp mixture of wheat straw, bamboo, husks, sugar cane, and bulrush. The pulp isn’t the most perfect seal, so the company is using recycled resin for the job. This means that these bottles are fully recyclable! Separate the pulp from the resin and they can then be recycled separately. However, the company is trying to reduce the resin usage with each generation (version) because It wants to make 100% biodegradable bottles.

Even with their usage of resin, though, their bottles are FAR more eco-friendly than those plastic ones we see lying around everywhere we go.

What else can be done with this invention?

Like we’ve mentioned, Paper Water Bottle is a revolutionary product that has the power to veer us in a more sustainable direction. We use plastic bottles to store any and everything, sometimes without even realising it. Shampoo bottles, liquid soap bottles, talcum powder bottles, lotion bottles,  medicine bottles – the list could go on and on and on. The invention of the paper water bottle is just the beginning of the change. In future, we might be able to switch completely to paper bottles and save our planet!

Be honest, don’t you want to get one for yourself?

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