Believe It Or Not, The Mythical Pink Dolphins Are Actually Real!

Several myths revolve around a certain pink dolphin. South American folklore says that a pink dolphin turns into a man, lures women and impregnates them. Another says that you shouldn’t go swimming alone, because pink dolphins will capture you and take you to a magical underwater land. Looking at representation of these creatures, we have always assumed that this dolphin only lives in mythology. But what if we told you that pink river dolphins are very real, and the bright creatures can also change their color?

Believe It Or Not, The Mythical Pink Dolphins Are Actually Real!
via Wikimedia Commons/Allen Sheffield

Known to Science as the Inia geoffrensis, and to us as the Amazon pink river dolphin, this blushy species of whale lives only in freshwater. It is found throughout the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela. However, we don’t have an approximate count on the numbers, because, unlike our regular dolphins, Amazon pink dolphins are a little shy and like to stay private. They will often emerge out of water, but only to show their heads. Which, by the way, contains the largest brain found in any freshwater dolphin – more than 40% brain capacity of humans! This makes them the smartest of any freshwater dolphins, too. They will use their melodious communication skills using their high-frequency sonar clicks. That’s not all, either. Amazon pink river dolphins are also the largest of any freshwater dolphins, and can grow up to 9 feet in length! 

While we love watching pictures of this cutie, keep in mind that they aren’t born pink. Matter of fact, they’re born gray, and the pink is believed to be scar tissue. If you’re wondering where this scar tissue came from, know that these dolphins are fighters, like to play rough games and are specially into conquests. However, the pink color only amplifies the male’s appearance because, as has been observed, the females of this species are more attracted to flamingo pink malea. Another thing that imparts in them the pink color is the fact that they can flush and blush, just like us!

While they’re not exactly extroverts, pink river dolphins, like our regular smoothies, enjoy human company. They have been seen playing with people and kids, and both the parties looked pretty happy. If you’re wondering how you can spot a pink river dolphin, their color

Like we said, there’s no sure count we could get on pink dolphins. However, it has been estimated that they have shrunk to 50% of their population in the last 75 years. While humans enjoy eating fish, and that is one of the primary reasons any fish reaches an endangered status, people avoid eating Amazon pink river dolphins. This is because, seeing that they’re mythological creatures, eating them, and even harming them, is considered an invitation for bad luck. Industrial pollution, hypoxia and loss of habitat still contributes to their dwindling numbers. 

If you do wish to witness this blushy beauty for real, head to the Amazon! They are a sight of delight, and you can expect the same kisses dolphins are famous for.

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