Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Okay, we might sound frivolous, but we have to say it. You need to add some pieces to your closet in every season. And come fall, the season of the cozies, the months of comfort, our wardrobes are slathered with warm clothes. However, instead of investing in fifteen pieces you heard someone say will be in this year, it’s better to listen to designers and invest in five smart pieces. Friends and lovers, these Fall 2022 fashion trends will be seeing the sun in the gray skies. So sit back, decide on what you want to get, and revamp!

Faux Fur 

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Faux fur is barely ever out of fashion. And now, it’s going to be one of the major fall 2022 fashion trends. Different luxury brands have used this in different ways. Valentino used it for pink dresses, Saint Laurent used it for figure-shrouding coats, Rick Owens used it as fur and fleece, Miu Miu used it to design the shoulders of their jacket, Prada styled it in a funky style with fur jackets and bags and finally Burberry made wigs and gowns using faux fur.

The 80s are coming back

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

In 2022, the fashion trends of the 80s have returned with their own unique punch. From major fashion shows to local streetwear shops, all of us must have noticed the creative twists of the 80s style. The  high-waists, ripped variations, acid washed, embellished versions of the 80s style jeans also made its re-appearance along with platform shoes. Other elements of the 80s such as leather & latex, mini skirts, shoulder pads, boxer jackets, neon colors were also featured in this trend. Even Dolce & Gabbana experimented on the 80s style with their own twist which had a stunning result. 

Jumbo clogs

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Simon Miller and Lisa Says Gah! have been coming up with very quirky ideas of bringing back the jumbo clogs. These footwear are now brought back with variations, despite the fact that hype around clogs has been put off since the 70s. Gucci entered this trend and came up with very fashionable clogs such as rubber platform mules. 

Abstract sweaters

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

It’s not even winter yet, but the sweater wave is mesmerizing the fashion world and social media. The craze is high as ever. From chunky knits and cardigans to bright colors and graphic sweaters, there’s a lot that has popped up. These sweaters are not only fashionable but they are also aesthetic and comfy too. To rock fall and winter this year, consider getting sweaters that have abstract patterns on them. 

Black is always a good idea

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Let’s be honest here. When is black a bad idea No matter what theme or the purpose may be, the color black will always find its spot in the trend. Fall 2022 too has seen its way of using black. From parties to casual walks, you can wear black anywhere anytime. Some of the black clothes and accessories will have layers of sparkles and glitters to make the off color blitzy. 

It’s all about purples 

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Every shade of purple is going to make it to the biggest fall 2022 fashion trends. Whether you wear the lavender that falls easy on the eyes or a fully blasted bubbly purple, you can expect to be in style. Adding pinks, blues, yellows, and even oranges and greens to purple will create an eye-catching combo. This year’s fashion for fall saw all kinds of outfits such as jumpsuits, pajamas, party gowns, casuals and dresses in full purples. Addition of sequins, and accessories of different colors made it even more stylish. 

White tanks

Revamp Your Closet With 10 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends, Pronto!

Between big puff-sleeves, strappy details, corsets and sequins, a welcome change would be none other than a tank top! The trend is far from new, and not very groundbreaking, either. Yet, tanks are slowly taking over the fashion crowd. White tank tops were all over the Fall ’22 runways. Let your imagination go a little wild – pair these comfort clothes with boyfriend jeans and flared pants to maxi skirts and minis. Occasionally, wear them under a flannel shirt. 

Trench coats

Fashion is all about recycling the past trends in a more stylish way. Trenches were first worn by soldiers during war periods; today, the fashion brands use the original silhouette of trench coats as inspiration and produce them with their own creativity. They change the fabric, length, pattern and colors depending on their idea and people’s needs. While we don’t get to see too many trenches these days, you can expect to witness people on the street looking sharp in their trench coats. If you don’t have one yet, see this as a sign!

Neon green blaze

Neons are the highlighters of the fashion trends of fall 2022, literally. The Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall 2022 made sure that neon greens took over this fall. Recently, Scandinavian designers are experimenting with neon green in their collections and are making sure that it would fit both a Saturday night party and a Sunday morning brunch. Saks Potts opened their fashion week show with two neon green outfits.  Some brands are going a step ahead and are using the hues of neon green in their accessories and boots. Nothing to brighten up a gloomy fall day like the neon blaze, huh?

Call back your power

Professionalism and success must return, and thus, one of the smartest fall 2022 fashion trends is going to be in the form of tuxes. The trend ranges from a gender-fluid oversized blazer with strong shoulder construction to a more chiseled couture-like silhouette. “Dress for Success” was the main motto behind this trend. Different brands have come up with different innovations and twists in the concept of suits and tuxedos. Some are towing a step further with cropped blazers and mini skirts while others are keeping it classic with traditional tuxedos of men.

These were 10 fall 2022 fashion trends all set to hit the streets this season. Which one are you going to be a part of? Tell us in the comments below!

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