Bought A Private Island? Now You’ll Need These Too!

Money doesn’t grow on trees is a famous proverb. However, to some people, it makes no sense. To them, it’s basically an endless pit, a mere non-existing money tree is none of their concerns. What? Do you think we’re lying? Are you seriously gonna tell us that you haven’t heard about ‘lavish spending’? The terms ‘super rich’, ‘affluent’ and ‘opulent’ exist for a reason, you know? And one demonstration of this flowing green river is real estate. Especially if that property is in the middle of the water. Basically, a private island. But a person buying an island cannot lack the taste for upgrading that island to a mini haven. There is always a list of things that adds up to that island for luxury and beauty purposes. However, if you happen to be one of those filthy rich people who somehow are confused about that other list, you are in luck, because we happen to have prepared a list of those few things your private island is incomplete without!

Bought A Private Island? Now You’ll Need These Too!
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A yacht – but not just any yacht for your private island

A yacht is so much more than means of transport. What’s the point of buying an island that has no yacht to celebrate that investment? In fact, a celebration needs a special yacht, something like the Eclipse. This German-made yacht belongs to a Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. Eclipse costs over one billion and is currently the most expensive yacht in the world. This fully-fledged 258 feet long yacht consists of a 70 member crew. Nothing more needsvto be said; only bought, honey. 

A Pool – but not just your everyday pool!

Let’s not think about the fact that your Island is in the middle of water. You still need a pool, because why not?

The thrill of the waves getting higher with the hiding sun never gets old. But what about the times the urge to dive in a pool rushes in? Well, Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev understands this very well. Maybe that’s why he has the most expensive swimming pool in his backyard. This lavish pool is in the United Kingdom. The house itself is one of the most expensive residences in the whole country. Your Island is incomplete without this pool. 

A Car Submarine – to travel around your luxurious private island

Yes, a car submarine. Moving around in it might be a task, but a car submarine on a privately owned island makes so much more sense. And not just any, but something like Elon Musk’s car submarine. This ‘vehicle’ is not a common occurrence, because it is the Lotus Esprit submarine car from the James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’! It cost him a huge amount, specifically USD 920, 000. But when the money be rushing, the zeros be blurring.

Musk loves his submarine car so much that he took some inspiration from this very item to create the Tesla Cybertruck.

A famous ship – that has made its name way before your purchase

It’s only rational to buy a renowned ship to keep as a showpiece near your island. And if the island is yours, the ocean might as well be  Sailing this ship is orgasmic. If it is in a good condition, that is. Confused? Well, we’re talking about something like the Australian businessman Clive Palmer has done. He owns THE TITANIC! Okay, not the original one, but only once removed from ‘truth’, as Plato would say – Titanic 2! The imitated ships cost from $432 million to $567 million. But judging something’s value by its price is wrong. So, we understand you, Clive.

Furniture – that shouldn’t cost less than a million, lest it sabotage your rep

Where else are the swimming gears supposed to go? Owning an island means owning a million water fun equipment.  For storage purposes, a piece of furniture is vital. And not just any furniture, but something like the Badminton Cabinet. Prince Hans Adam ll’s 36 million USD badminton cabinet should be your inspiration here. The cabin belongs to the 18th century. History is pricey, but who doesn’t like remembering dead emperors? The stone-studded cabin broke its own record for a high purchase. 

A Pet – well, a fossilized or preserved one

If you don’t have a preserved pet on your island, your ancestors will be almost as disappointed as us. How about something like the $12 million shark? A preserved one, obviously. Billionaire Steve Cohen has made one of the most remarkable purchases – a 14-feet long tiger shark! Preserved, of course. Nothing like showing your best buds a dead animal on your island. 

Some money plants and dollar flowers growing on, or delivered to your private island baby

Green is what will make your island beautiful. And if that greenery is lush and flowering, well, it just becomes blissful! Especially if those flowers arrive every month at the cost of $100,000. Just look at l how happy singer Mariah Carey was. With her $100,000 per month(only) flowers delivered to her, her life felt meaningful. Yours will, too!

These are only some of the things you need to add to your purchase. If your haven still feels and looks lacking, let us know. We are always at your service and won’t mind sharing more things to doll up your private island even more!

So you make enough monies or get enough alimony to buy your island and these accesories? Well, you seem all ready to live in your private space, so go through our pros and cons list of living on one!

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