Which Mysterious Place In The World Is Likely To Swallow You Up?

There are things Science cannot explain. It might be something as simple as a yawn and the placebo effect, or something as complicated as mysterious disappearances. Have you, too, wondered about these strange occurances, prompted by the news or perhaps a Science class?

As kind as the universe is, it’s in a temper. And people are disappearing. Which mysterious, curious and unexplainably raging place of the earth is likely to swallow you up, and thus lead you into an invisible abyss? Answer these questions and find out now!

  1. 1 Which of these 'dark' TV genres do you fancy?

    1. Shows about serial killers
    2. Shows about obsession
    3. Shows about rug/alcohol abuse
  2. 2 Which supernatural creature have you been/are considerably obsessed with?

    1. Spirits/ghosts
    2. Banshees
    3. Gods
  3. 3 If a Genie offered to give you a superpower, what would it be?

    1. To understand the deeper meaning of life, and eveeyrhing about the world
    2. To be invisible
    3. To tame my thoughts
  4. 4 Which God would you have liked to be?

    1. The God of the damned
    2. The Trickster
    3. The God of rage
  5. 5 What about the universe fascinates you the most?

    1. The black hole
    2. The energy – it's an overwhelming amount to comprehend.
    3. The night sky
  6. 6 If you were stuck on an island without any sources of food and your fellows started perishing, would you eat them to stay alive?

    1. I would
    2. If they were dead, yes
    3. No
  7. 7 When does time stand still?

    1. When Einstein says so
    2. When I'm alone
    3. Whenever I want it to
  8. 8 Pick a shade of blue:

    1. Midnight blue
    2. Deep water blue
    3. Ocean blue

Which Mysterious Place In The World Is Likely To Swallow You Up?

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  1. Quiz result

    You might not be found again if you head to the Bermuda Triangle.

    The world knows about the Bermuda triangle and its revolting rage. Over 80 aircrafts have disappeared, and even more people. Often called 'the earth's own black hole' what goes in or over doesn't come beyond. 

    We should warn you now – your obsession with mystery might end up turning you into one. 

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  2. Quiz result

    The Sargasso Sea might be the end of you

    As fate would have it, the Sargasso sea might swallow you. 

    Eerily calm like a banshee before she sings, the Sargasso sea has been known for mysterious human disappearances. On many occasions, crewless ships have been found floating to their own tunes. When you sail in this sea, your ship might come out okay, but you might disappear into its infinite peace, and you will never be found. 

    We think it's possible that your obsession with the dark side of life has led you to this result. Rest easy, dearie, and look for the stars, not the abyss.

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  3. Quiz result

    The Michigan Triangle might swallow you into nothingness.

    Time stands still at the Lake Michigan triangle. Sometimes though, it reaches the speed of light. Crew members of ships, and even entire airplanes are swallowed into nothingness when they're over the Michigan triangle. There has been a recorded instance of the Captain of a boat vanishing into thin air as he sailed. Even though he was alone in his room, it was locked tight from the inside. 

    Airplanes with passengers have also suddenly disappeared as the craft flew over the triangle. 

    We think your obsession with stillness and your want of peace is the reason Lake Michigan triangle might swallow you up. 

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