Cat Butts Are In My Face All Day. What Do Cats Want?

If you’re a cat servant, you know what we’re talking about here. Every now and then, your cats shove their tiny cat butts in your face. You are presented with the view of a butthole you don’t specifically enjoy, but don’t know what to think about.  Ever so often, our meows start doing this multiple times a day. Why the heck is my cat showing off her tush to me? Why is my cat’s bum what I see 90% of the time? 

Cat Butts Are In My Face All Day. What Do They Want?

And because you’re aware of the animal butt sniff mingling concept, it has crossed your mind at least once. 


Before you take matters into your own hands and, um, noses, let’s talk about what exactly is happening when your cat master is giving you its butt in your face, so that your final decision is an informed one, whatever it might be. 

Caxperts on cat butts

Cats are creatures of subtleties. While your dog will stand before you for minutes for a treat, cats believe more in giving hints than being obvious.

Cat Butts Are In My Face All Day. What Do They Want?

To understand why cats like showing their servants their bum, we need to go through basic behaviors involving cat butts that cats display when they meet someone new:

Sniffy sniffy cheek:

When two felines meet for the first time, they go for cheeks. Not cheek kisses, though.

Cat cheeks have a special scent of their own, and to sniff another cat’s just means they’re getting to know the fella. 

Side sniffs:

Cat Butts Are In My Face All Day. What Do They Want?

Once the smell of the cheek phase has passed, cats allow their potential friends to sniff their sides. This part of the creatures contains smells not only of themselves but of any other animals or people they hang out with. 

When multiple cats live together, they have a ‘colony’ scent – their sides smell alike and this is how they recognise each other most of the time. 

Cat butts sniffs, cats sniff butts

The final stage of getting to know a friend/enemy is to sniff their butt. Not for us humans, but for most animals. Your cat’s bum has a unique scent of its own, and is typically its ‘identity’. When a cat allows another to sniff its bottom, it means that it trusts the sniffer and likes the fella enough to give it a shake. 

So, is my kitty asking me to smell its butt?!?!?

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

Don’t be manipulated into sniffing that butt

Needless to say, your cat is giving you a compliment by showing off its butt in front of you. This is one of the signs your cat loves and trusts you. While you’re not feline yourself, cat behavior is ingrained into your kitty’s psyche. You should hug your cat and thank it for giving you a compliment of the highest order. 

BUTTT don’t go sniffing just yet. 

Cat Butts Are In My Face All Day. What Do They Want?

A lot of times, shoving its tushy in your face is your cat’s call for attention. Look at me. Look at my butt. Tell me I’m the Goddess of the freaking cat world. 

Which she is, no arguing there. But this action is also a demand. Your cat might be wanting you to do something – to give it a treat, to buy it more clothes, to trap rats for dinner. 

It’s up to you if you are ready to be manipulated by your master. 

We recommend no sniffing when it comes to car butts. Butt again, it’s up to you. 

We have now successfully debunked cat butts shoved in our faces. Let’s now understand why our cats like living in boxes

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