7 Reasons Why Couple Fights Are On The Rise During Quarantine

The Pandemic has been a tough play for everybody across the globe. A lot of us are either stuck alone, or with our families, or our significant others. Now, more than ever, there are a lot of complaints about the people we are quarantined with; especially couples. It is noticed that couples are getting frustrated by each other due to the smallest of things. Let’s be honest, being isolated with one person for more than three months is bound to make anyone drive up the wall. If you don’t have a clue as to why you, or for that matter, any couple is fighting significantly more while stuck in quarantine, this little guide might come in handy. Take a look, who knows if I might hit the bull’s eye?

Miniscule Habits

A working couple who has been quarantined might relate to this. During quarantine, there is a high chance that you might come across a habit of your partner that you didn’t notice at first. Spending more time with each other will automatically make you more and more aware of such trivial habits. Say, for example, your partner has a habit of leaving the dirty plate on the kitchen counter rather than placing it in the sink. You might be used to the fact of picking it up and placing it in the right place, but since you have just started to focus more on your partner, it might irk you. 

Work From Home

couple fight

Couples who work from home have to adjust their timings while keeping each other in mind now. Working from home can be a little stressful as one has to manage their daily to-do list with the never-ending list of daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, etc. Oftentimes, only one partner does the cooking and cleaning while the other lies around the house. This might bug, or even distress, their partner and this can lead to yet another reason to fight. If there is a lack of space, working at the same time might cause a hindrance in the relationship. Due to this concept of work from home, offices are piling more and more work on their employees which makes them add more to their existing stress.

Lack of Compatibility 

couple fight

One thing quarantine aces at is testing one’s patience and compatibility. During the course of quarantine, it is natural that couples might find out trivial habits or traits that they weren’t aware of in the beginning. A lot of times when there is only one working partner, he or she might have an ego boost. They might feel as though they are the only ones who are actually working and providing for their family. This process causes their behaviour to change in a way one wouldn’t have predicted and this results in the couples to lock horns.

Social Media

couple fight quarantine

Believe it or not, social media does play a very important role in our day to day relationships. Whilst being stuck at home, it has become prevalent to cling to social media, video games, and streaming services to pass time. As pleasurable as it might be to saunter towards the end of the day while indulging in social media, it is just as important to take a breather and put the phone down. But not a lot of people understand that instead of lazing around for the entire day, they can communicate with their better halves. And for those who do understand the gravity of the situation, try to initiate a conversation but in the end, one of the two eventually get tired and end up having a fight.


During quarantine, one thing that couples might not get is their personal space. As the partner is always lingering around, it might become a little challenging to get some time to ourselves. This steadily becomes an exasperating situation. Not having space to collect and analyse thoughts can push one towards stress or anxiety that can eventually lead one to vent those feelings out in the form of anger. This can cause conflict among couples, where one wouldn’t understand the complexity of thoughts and the other would be bedevilled by a shortage of patience.

Sudden Change of Environment

We are so used to changing locations and scenarios that it becomes quite difficult to accept this sudden change of environment where we are forced to stay in one place for a few months. This causes a lot of hindrance in one’s professional and personal life. If we put a spotlight on professional life, there are a lot of people who have either lost their jobs or suffered from a huge salary cut lowering their budget back home. The stress and overthinking that accompanies this situation can exploit and disharmonize sensitive parts of relationships.

Lack of Effort

couple fight

Due to the lack of effort in keeping a relationship stable, it naturally becomes very easy to demolish something two people had created with so much love. Being under one roof might bring out some of the worst qualities in someone. Showing no effort in reaching out to the significant other can deteriorate the relationship faster than you can blink.

While there are reasons that make couples fight during the quarantine, think of all the reasons that can bring them closer than ever while they spend a huge chunk of their time inside the four walls of their house. Got stories of you and your SO from the Quarantine? Share them with us in the comment section below. Also read: Aphrodisiac Foods For A Better Love Life: Real Or Myth?

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