Cyborgs : Are We Ready For The Next Stage Of The Human-Technology Relationship?

Would you believe if I tell you that we have made it far enough with the help of our technology that we do have real Cyborgs among us! And no, I’m not talking about the cinematic version, it’s the real world I’m talking about here! The term ‘Cyborgs’ was first coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline however it took humanity years to finally grant people the technological facility to be actually called one. The word Cyborg is made out of two different terms, cybernetic organism, which basically indicates a combination of organic and biometric body parts. If you still are confused somehow, I’m sure most of you will feel it to be less rocket scient-ish once you take the hint from the very famous DC character, Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher.

Cyborgs : Are We Ready For The Next Stage Of The Human-Technology Relationship?

Basically, a human who has parts of machines as one or more body parts is officially titled a cyborg. Now I know most of you must be wondering that it sounds much easy to be in the movies, real-life however may still take decades to reach that stage, but then as I just told you above we do have a few cyborgs among us, yes, it’s not that common yet but we are definitely heading towards that direction. You still don’t believe us? Well, wait till we introduce you to some of these real-life cyborgs among us with mechanical organs so real that you will feel like you are being introduced to some sci-fi movie characters!

Have you come across the name Neil Harbisson? He is one of the cyborgs walking around the earth who can hear the wavelengths of different lights along with infrared and UV spectra! Yes, you heard that correct! Neil is an artist and was born with achromatopsia, which is the condition of complete color-blindness. He considered it an assent considering the facts like he has a better night vision than normal, can memorize shapes much easier, and can’t simply be fooled by various camouflages. The reason for the title of a cyborg, Neil has an antenna-like sensor which is implanted on his head that enables him to translate various wavelengths into vibrations which he receives as sounds!

Cyborgs : Are We Ready For The Next Stage Of The Human-Technology Relationship?
Wikimedia Commons / Hector Adalid

At this point, you should not really be surprised if I tell you we also have a cyborg who can operate lights, heaters, or computers remotely, and mind you because we are not talking about controlling them by switches but through a microchip installed in his arm. Dr. Kevin Warwick is also known as “Captain Cyborg” and is a cybernetics professor at the University of Reading.  

We also have someone who can record and play video and audio through his headset which is outfitted with a number of small computers. Professor Steve Mann has been experimenting with the technology since the 70s when he was in high school! He also went ahead wearing 80 pounds of computing equipment to his class during his MIT days! Passion at its peak for sure.

Cyborgs : Are We Ready For The Next Stage Of The Human-Technology Relationship?

Wait, you thought we are done? Well, there are far more names then mentioned here, we, however, came with some of the most unique, the ones not mentioned are the kind to take a look at too however let’s end this list for now with a dancer and choreographer, Moon Ribas, who can detect earthquake through her implants connected to online seismographs in her feet! The best part is, her dance is according to the intensity of the earthquake when she detects it!

 We sure are going towards a much-advanced future especially when it comes to humans getting a step closer to use machines as body parts! These are just the few that we talked about here and no doubt we will have much more in the future keeping in mind the technological advancement along with the brilliant brain that humans are blessed with and the passion that drives us to achieve almost everything that was once estimated to be something unthinkable!             

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