These Sea Animals Are Totally Real! Did You Know Them?

The world is filled with surprises and never fails to amaze us with its beauty and facts. There are marine animals that have unique features and special abilities too. Some can produce light while some grinders in their throat. These marine animals make it hard for us to believe that even if they are real or not? Here’s a list of the 5 strangest sea animals. 

Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is a very unique creature. Although they are called squid and look like an octopus, they are neither a squid nor an octopus but are small cephalopod in tropical oceans in extremely deep-sea conditions. Vampire squids are named so because they have a dark appearance and wing-like webbing between their arms. They have extremely long appendages also called filaments not present in either squid or octopuses. They live in deep ocean surfaces where there’s no light, but that’s just fine with them. Vampire squids are able to produce lights from their mantles and from photophores located near their fins. Even though they don’t have many muscles, they are able to move twice their body length within a second. Vampire squids are full of surprises, right?

Christmas Tree Worms

The Christmas tree worm is a tube-building polychaete worm that belongs to the family Serpulidae. As the name suggests, Christmas tree worms look as colorful as any Christmas tree and are also called  Spirobranchus giganteus. These worms have two little Christmas tree-like structures, and their branches are called radials. Radial is used for breathing and catching food. Christmas tree worms also have a trunk that is rarely seen. They are found worldwide in warm tropical waters. The adult worms live inside a tube that can extend deep into the coral skeleton. This tube can reach up to 7.87 inches long. 

Sea Angles 

Sea angels are extremely small sea slugs. They can be found from polar regions to tropical seas. They have wing-like swimming appendages called parapodia. Sea angels have a transparent body and so their internal organs can be seen very easily. Sea angles are fast swimmers and can catch their prey without any trouble. Sea angles are protandrous hermaphrodites meaning that they are born as male and develop female reproductive organs as they grow. 

Red Lipped Batfish

Red Lipped Batfish is a beauty. This marine animal that inhabits the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands. True to their name, they have bright red lips that look like they have applied lipsticks. Batfish are not very good at swimming and are adapted to crawl on the seafloor. They have pectoral fins which help them walk on the floor without any trouble. Their structure is also very strange as compared to most fishes. These fish grow to about 10 inches long. 

Parrot Fish

Parrotfish are found in coral reefs, rocky coasts, and seagrass beds. Parrotfish have the ability to change colors during their lifetime. They have very rare and fused teeth that look similar to a parrot. They also have teeth in their throat that are used for grinding. Parrots fish help to make sand; they eat algae and excrete sand. They stay in a group of around 500 members which are led by a breeding male. They can grow up to 4 feet in length in their lifetime depending on their species. 

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