Do You Remember Sid From Toy Story? Well, This Artist Does Similar Stuff!

We all remember the frustration we felt when Sidney, A.K.A Sid Phillips from Toy Story terrorized toys! Well, I for one do remember the irritation that went down my spine every time I saw that boy with his black skull t-shirt and his toy eating dog appear on screen. 

Especially when he had the audacity to snatch away Hannah’s toys and carry on scary experiments on them. Not only did he destroy the toys, but he did this in several innovative ways. He played the role of a mad doctor who went on burning, exploding and innovatively torturing them. 

At least Woody tried to escape and sometimes even managed to escape Sid’s terror but this artist gives absolutely no scope for his toys to escape.

His Instagram page being @Long.furby.fam, this artist leaves absolutely no chance to torture his toys. You think this is absurd? Give this page a chance, to be honest, it is quite interesting. See for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Do You Remember Sid From Toy Story? Well, This Artist Does Similar Stuff!

The artist who owns the page is Devin Garner. This 24 years old artist has turned his bedroom into a workspace and hunches over his desk all day and works on his Furbies.  Furby is an electronic robotic toy that looks like a hamster or owl. He skins the Furbies and removes the furry casings. After this he removes the eyes and beak of the toy from its electronic core and then works on constructing the new body of the toy. The snakelike creation that he makes is called the ‘Long Furby’. Right after the body is complete, he attaches the face and voila! Here comes a new member in the family!

While most of his creations are with Furbies, he is not restricted to them. He even uses other props like jelly, eggs, tiny baby toys to give justice to his crazy(read: creative) content. He has boiled worm toys, baby pyramids, baby stew and what not!

In his page you will find a variety of tricks to torture your toys and some of them are hilarious. Be it putting his toys in the washing machine, or boiling them or making different dishes with the main ingredient being his toys. He is no less than Sid, just more likeable because of his innovative techniques!

Let us know in the comment section below what you think of the creations of this artist and whether you think he is similar to Sid from Toy Story!

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