Does Your Dog Enjoy Watching TV Just Like You?

While talking to a friend, I came to know how his pet dog loves watching television. “He loves Animal Planet for some reason, and then gets annoyed when we try to change the channel”. It isn’t uncommon for dogs to be amazed by technology. They’re like babies, always grabbing what intrigues them. Television is another source of entertainment for them like it is for us. You might see them sit closely towards the screen, sometimes flapping their tales. It is a lovely sight to see ! 

Does Your Dog Enjoy Watching TV Just Like You?

The film industry has often turned this habit of pets into comedic pieces; it is shown that animals react only when their opposite gender is seen on the screen. Well, that might not be the actual cause of this psychological phenomenon. Domestic dogs are intelligent enough to compare the real-life animals they come across to those on the screen and vice versa. It is just like when dogs get excited seeing other dogs, or any other creature like small insects. A great fact to notice here would be that dogs see the world differently than us. For them, only black, white, yellow and blue exists, and while watching television they see the screen as a 1920s film, according to Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviourist.

Does Your Dog Enjoy Watching TV Just Like You?

How a television screen attracts them is different for every dog. For some, it may be other dog barking, or a cat meowing (remembering that they are frenemies). Others catch up conversations between people or advertisements for a particular brand, while some may dance to the rhythm of music. The reactions also differ; they may bark, whine, or just stare into the screen. 

Does Your Dog Enjoy Watching TV Just Like You?

Dogs may sit in front of a television, but it is unclear if they enjoy it. Research has been conducted, but science is yet to answer that question. They might just find it interesting, or like moving pictures on a screen. It also depends on us, the people who live with them. Like children, they try to copy our habits or in this case, our gaze. Some dog owners find their pet liking the exact same channel they like, and even watch the news channel fondly with their human friends. Like us, they can also behave strangely if we change the channel. Dogs also have short focus sets for media. These interactions are usually under 3 seconds, and after that, they might glance at their owners or try to find something more interesting. This is the reason why they find advertisements far more beguiling than normal shows.

Whatever the reason is, we sure love to do activities of common interest with our pets. Whether watching television shows or playing fetch. Sometimes, even video games heed dogs! Does your pet have an interesting habit? Make sure to comment below!

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