5 Ways In Which You Can Add Eggs To Your Diet

Eggs are a food that everyone has an opinion about. As a great source of protein that is incredibly delicious, it makes an integral part of the diet of people around the world. There are thousands of egg recipes that are favourite among breakfast lovers around the world. As an affordable source of nutrient-rich protein, eggs fit the diet of those who like to have them sunny-side up or over-easy. It is not as easy as your love for eggs to include it in your breakfast, especially if you are wondering why they turn out grey when you hard-boiled. Everyone needs to know some good breakfast recipes with eggs. When it comes to cooking eggs, there is a lot of room for mistakes like getting them scrambled into rubbery, bouncy curds. 

eggs to your diet

Here are some of the simple tips from chef and nutritionists for including eggs in your regular diet.


People prefer hard-boiled eggs mainly in two different ways – adding eggs to a pot of water and bringing it to boil and adding them after the pot after the pot is already boiling. This doesn’t make any real difference, but it is important to dip the eggs in cold water after boiling them. It is suggested that flashing the egg in cold water after cooking will prevent them from getting grey. 


Frying is a great way of having eggs with guaranteed deliciousness. The fried egg is a great way for adding a little extra protein with anything from avocado toast to mixed greens to a vegetable stir-fry. The runny yolk will make for a creamy dairy-like texture without using any dairy. While frying eggs you should ensure that the pan doesn’t get too hot as it will cause the egg to brown. The egg is the one protein that browning doesn’t make it taste better. Going for an oil with a higher smoke point such as algae oil will be ideal, especially if you are prone to setting and forgetting your eggs.


Having poached eggs for breakfast doesn’t require a large pot, lots of water and an intricate swirling to dropping ratio. Vinegar can give an added zing to the egg and make it less slippery, but it isn’t necessary. To get a poached egg, all you need is a microwave and a mug. Mix the egg with half a cup of water to prevent it from getting scrambled. After cooking the egg for one minute in the mug covered with a paper towel, the water can be drained off, holding the egg back with a fork. Poached eggs are good to go with avocado or almost anything to like for breakfast.


If you love to have the easiest and hardest version of egg breakfast, there would be nothing better than scrambled eggs. This is a simple egg recipe as there isn’t any flipping or swirling involved, but a single misstep can turn it bouncy and rubbery. While scrambling eggs you should keep the heat closer to low and stir them constantly with a tablespoon of butter. You can also prefer to just toss your eggs directly into a hot pan and scramble them right there but should ensure that the pan doesn’t get too hot.


Omelettes are one of the most divisive egg dishes among all others in the list. Some breakfast lovers prefer to have them stacked to max with leftover veggies, while some others prefer to have it in its own smooth and savoury characteristics. There are certain things that you should make sure before heating the pan for cooking egg omelettes. If you need to fill it up with veggies you should make sure that they get a quick sauté before you add the eggs. You can either fill the eggs into the veggies or set the veggies aside and add them to the eggs later on. If you love to have a classic, filling-free omelette, you have to shake and scramble the eggs before dumping into the pan. This method will result in a really tender sheet of egg that are perfect for enjoying.

Yodoozy’s opinion-: Eggs make for important food in every healthy breakfast. They provide a great source of proteins and at the same time taste good. Most of the egg dishes can be easily prepared in just a few minutes. As one of the most popular foods in the world and that is commonly served in most of our homes, it can be a little boring to eat it. A great way to make egg dishes fun to prepare and tasty to eat is by incorporating it with other elements. It can make the preparation time longer but will make your regular breakfast eggs a little more fun. Also check out 5 Fun Facts About Diet And Fitness That Might Sound Absurd.

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