Generation Wars, Generations Apart

We are all obviously different from one another, yet there is something about generational disparities that makes sense. If there is one thing that unites many of us, regardless of culture, socioeconomic class, or geographical location, it is our generational age groupings. Indeed, generational stereotypes are prevalent throughout society. But what happens when these age groups clash, resulting in generation wars?

Generation Wars, Generation Apart

While the notion of “generation warfare” is not new, hostilities between different age cohorts appear to have escalated in recent years, at least on the surface. In the summer of 2020, Gen Z turned to Tik Tok to criticize millennials’ apparent infatuation with Harry Potter, coffee, the term “doggo,” and maturity as “adulting”, making the silent generation wars vocal, and hence, apparent.

But do these terms, Boomer, Millennial and Gen Z mean?

Baby boomers, often known as boomers, are the generation of persons born between 1946 and 1964. This time came immediately after the Great Depression and World War II. The birth rate skyrocketed, resulting in a large rise in population; hence, persons from this generation are referred to as baby boomers. One of the reasons for this active population increase was that people were finally free of the constraints of war. Baby boomers were raised in a wealthier age than their parents, who were deprived of resources as a result of the Great Depression. People followed ancient practices and had unwavering confidence in God. The rise of consumerism in this generation lead to fuelled world economies.

Generation Wars, Generation Apart

Millennials are people born between 1980 and 1994. Many of these folks had telephones and televisions in their houses, and some even owned computers. People of this age were viewed as lethargic by their elders, who frequently neglected chores and were unaware of deadlines. The rise of popular technology such as computers and televisions, as well as the growing illiteracy of children at the period, is significant. Relaxed perspectives on the world and politics were distinctive of this generation, thus millennials are perceived as more easy-going than their predecessors. This is when the culture currently known as pop-culture first gained popularity. Worldwide warming developed as a global issue at this time due to technological growth and development. This period also witnessed the rise of hundreds of successful large and small businesses, the most of which were based online, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and eBay, which helps to explain the shifting patterns in work culture among Millennials.

Generation Wars, Generation Apart

Gen Z is the current generation of the world’s young. This generation includes those born between 1995 and 2012. This generation’s youth are still in school, preparing their future vocations and employment. Gen Z is typically more accepting of diverse sexual orientations, ethnicities, and cultures, and might be viewed as more inclusive. A sizable proportion of this generation is atheist, with no faith in the sacred authority of temples, churches, or mosques. In this generation, binge-watching is as prevalent as adolescent dating. Heavy video-gaming consumption, late-night smartphone usage, and increasing social media engagement are all characteristics of Gen Z. This generation is also dedicated to challenging conventional ways of life, governance, and orthodox beliefs. The environment and mental health are important concerns for this age. Healthcare, technology, and beauty are thriving sectors, and a large portion of this age appears to be interested in them.

One of the most significant drivers of the growing divide between groups, leading to generation wars is the economic disparity that exists today between the older and younger generations – millennials who have seen a massive increase in higher education costs, entered the workforce during a historic recession, and live in an ever-closing housing market. There is a huge overriding factor of economic disparity between the generations.

But the tension is not just economic, it is also socio-cultural. With the evolving cultural scenario and technological advances, the older generation, unable to cope, feels left behind. Although they have the maximum economic capital, social capital is slowly draining from them. This has led to a disturbing war-like scenario between the progressive younger generation asking for economic equality and the older trying to preserve their social hierarchy. 

The technological difference is evident even in the war between Millennials and Gen Z. Most Gen Z is economically dependant on the earlier generation and has only recently been introduced to the workforce. But marketeers have been targeting Gen Z since their birth due to the technological efficacy of the Generation which has also threatened Millennials, who were the only generation of the technological age. Gen Z is also known for its esoteric sense of humor which is usually used to diss other generations and that has increased tensions between the generations.

Generation Wars, Generation Apart

Now there is a new Generation in town. Generation Alpha is the generation that comes after Gen Z. Every week, 2.5 million Alphas are born throughout the world. These Alpha kids were up with iPads and iPhones in their hands and know how to use them to their advantage. Gen Alpha has enormous influence over their life by being able to leverage this world. Technology has altered the expectations of our interactions. This generation will be the product of Trump era Politics, entrenched in technology. 

Let’s see how the clasb turns out. 

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