Graffiti With Lace: An Aesthetic Paradise!

Artist Nespoon spray painted, graffiti lace all over a museum, and did you know the lace that you love so much, dates back to a much older time? Yes! It’s one of those strong players standing on the ground for centuries. Correct! Centuries. Lace lovers would be happy to know that recently, there has been an act of respect towards the lace in the most artistic way possible. The French Museum of Fashion and Lace got one of the most the beautiful update possible, by a Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon, who spray pained an entire wall of the museum with the pattern of a huge white stunning lace.   

Graffiti With Lace: An Aesthetic Paradise!

The origin of lace is not that accurate however it definitely did make its way to the fashion world in the early 16th century. Judging by the beauty that they add to the garments, they are not going out of fashion any time soon and are even taking the world by the way of spray paint graffiti with lace.

The museum itself carries so much of history that it was about time that it received an effort like this. The French Museum of fashion and Lace was basically opened in order to honor the lace-making tradition. This lace-making tradition dates back to the 19th century when due to the economic and social problems, many talented artisans from England immigrated to Calais, a city in northern France, where they ultimately started working in a lace manufacturing factory resulting in the long-lasting lace-making tradition of Calais.

The museum itself is restored in a 19th century recently restored factory. The factory is full of archives of various laces and a 200 years old machine that let the weaving master control 11,000 threads at the same time! And don’t you get big ideas about it now because let me tell you that it took like 12 years to learn this machine to its full potential! Yes, take your time, let it rest in and we can move on to the art and the artist.

It was very considerate of the artist NeSpoon to choose a lace pattern which was designed in 1894 as the one to be re-traced as the spray painting for her graffiti. The wall looks absolutely beautiful with a white lace painted on a maroon wall which gives it that highlighting look it needed. It no doubt stands as one of the gems of the city with a lot of history that you would not want to miss.

Coming to the artist of this beautiful art, this is not the first time that NeSpoon has done something that relates to the laces. Other countries or cities like Alencon in France, Gdansk in Poland, Kristiansand in NorwaySicily in Italy, Leipzig in Germany, Helsinki in Finland, Warsaw in Poland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and many other places have been witness to the detailed and beautiful work of NeSpoon.

The artist is not restricted to just painting these laces on walls but also has shown her talent of art by making these laces that are a three-dimensional realization of her painted works! I mean can this be more creative? Even tiles could not manage to escape the artist’s eye as a perfect canvas for her love for laces, as she imprinted her lace patterns on tiles which were then placed outdoors as a tribute to the artist’s talent and creativity.

So basically, if you did get a chance to visit this city of France, try your best to not miss this absolutely beautiful wall that will, for sure, compel you to visit a store at the very moment and get some lacy dresses for yourself! And now you know who to thank for creating this sudden urge to get some laces, I mean the artist of course. Duh!

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