Here’s How To Introduce Pets And Babies Safely

Bringing a newborn home is a great moment of joy for everyone in the family, but it wouldn’t be the same for the family pet. Your four-legged pet can get anxious when they are introduced to someone new, especially if the smells are unfamiliar, the new member makes erratic movements and emits squawking sounds. Veterinarians say that pets can become stressed about babies just like parents. Most parents may find it challenging to get their family pets friendly with human babies, but with the right way, introducing a new human to your pet cat or dog can be easier than you think. If you’re wondering how to introduce pets and babies, have a look at some easy tips to help ease the transition for your pet while keeping your newborn safe.

Start preparing during the prenatal period

Here's How To Introduce Pets And Babies Safely

The preparation for a pet-baby harmony should start during the prenatal period, and this should involve conducting the right medical tests on your pets, getting them dewormed and ensuring that their stool test is negative. It is important to make sure that the vaccines are up to date and that the pet’s nails are trimmed before the baby comes home.

Expecting parents should start working on correcting any problematic behaviour of their pets,, such as jumping. If you are anxious about whether your pet may get aggressive towards children, then it is ideal to seek the help of a certified animal trainer from a reputable organization. It is important that you get to learn your pet’s body language, especially  actions like freezing, looking stiff or looking away, which indicate that they are uncomfortable.

Prepare the environment

Here's How To Introduce Pets And Babies Safely

When it comes toI introducing pets and babies, your pet should get used to a new presence even before the baby has arrived.

Unpacking new furniture and baby gear in advance can give your dog time to adapt to the new environment. It is also crucial that you teach your pet which zones are off-limits. Start introducing the fragrance of baby products, so that when you bring home your newborn, your baby isn’t sensed as danger. Parents can try and start mimicking life with a new baby, such as cradling a doll or rolled-up blanket and even playing audios of babies crying while interacting with their pet. This will help the pet get used to some attention shifts.

Plan a calm meet-cute

Here's How To Introduce Pets And Babies Safely

There are many factors to consider while  having your two sweethearts meet. The pet should be allowed to meet the mother before meeting the baby. The new baby must preferably be introduced to the pet in a neutral environment, by having the pet on a leash and the baby on a parent’s arm. The introduction will need to be supervised to make sure the pet stays calm, reassured and well-behaved. You can make your pet calmer during the introduction by planning how to arrive without causing them stress or nervousness.

Don’t leave your baby and pet alone

Here's How To Introduce Pets And Babies Safely

It’s not recommended to leave kids alone with your pet during the initial days, even if they have been around older children. This is not a matter of love and trust, but of the baby’s safety. Pets, particularly dogs and cats, are likely to cuddle, which may end up in accidental scratching of the baby. As every pet and baby combination is different, there isn’t a particular time by which you can stop worrying about leaving your pets and babies alone. When it comes to the chance of snuggling and blocking a child’s breath, the risk of leaving your baby with a giant dog will be clearly longer than that of a tiny cat. As there are a lot of bacteria in the mouth of your pet, you should discourage pets from licking babies. If you do need to leave the two alone, make sure your het has received training on maintaining a safe distance from the newborn.

Find a special time for your pet

Taking some special time to spend with your pet can help improve pet-baby harmony. Dedicating a few minutes at a particular time of the day solely to be with your pet can pay off in the long run. Make sure to not ignore or yell at the pet, because your pet will associate that with the baby. Watch for signs like a dog urinating inside the home or a cat failing to use the litter box, as that may show that your pet has become resentful of being ignored.

.These were some effective tips on how to introduce your pets and babies. Once your pet and baby are comfortable with each other, the duo will form the bond of a lifetime, Numerous instances have shown how pets have become a child’s best friend, not only keeping them company,  but also keeping them at a paw’s distance from harm’s way. Happy mingling!

Now you know how to introduce pets and babies. But did you know scientists say you need to tuck your kid and your pet in the same bed? Find out why!

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