How Accurate Are The Rules Of The Jungle Shown In Movies?

How many times were we disheartened to find a sizable difference between real life and reel life? A lot, I would say, at least based on my experience. And I know that most of you will relate to me. I mean, there is no chance that you did not encounter a fictional world of fantasies that swept you off your feet as a child. However, that excitement was shattered as soon as you found out about how those magical things were simply limited to that very screen, when you learnt about the real rules of the jungle. Well, what can I say? Childhood trauma and all. 

How Accurate Are The Rules Of The Jungle Shown In Movies?

Something which was equally amazing  in our fictional collection was jungle life. Probably the most colourful one of all. With the animals talking and the forest as a lively friend, how is it not the ideal life already? That is what we thought at that time.  Well, to put it bluntly, it’s simply not true, that’s why.

The magical jungle: Reel Life Vs Real life

We all grew up watching movies like Narnia, Harry Potter, Tarzan, Jungle Book, and whatnot? Life was simpler then, and the jungle was the most exciting place to be in. Harry’s jungle was a bit dark, but at least we encountered a few unicorns or so! In the end, no matter what, the woods were lovely, dark and deep. 

How Accurate Are The Rules Of The Jungle Shown In Movies?

A lake full of fairies, friendly animals like Aslan, and a perfect treehouse spot. But then reality hit us. And we realized how terribly wrong we were. There is no chance that those woods will be friendly at all. The heavy greenery that we fancied became the very source of thousands of unknown dangers. The beautiful muddy path that we thought is in every jungle never existed in reality. There were no fairies, no talking animals. In fact, unlike Aslan, crossing paths with a lion would have been sure death. The Jungle was nothing like we thought it was. Or let’s say, it is nothing like we wanted it to be.

The rules of fiction

How Accurate Are The Rules Of The Jungle Shown In Movies?

The rules of the jungle that we see in movies are a myth. The jungle of Narnia fought the bad guys, it killed armies. Our jungle is real, it will either kill us or will be destroyed by humans and their hunger for more land. The animals of Madagascar enjoyed the attention and the spoon-feeding, our animals in real life are facing a slow death in captivity just to entertain us. A bear can never protect you, they are hardly able to protect themselves now. Tarzan in today’s world is that guy who is so out of touch with the technology that he simply will not survive. Essentially, the rules of the jungle 

Is any of it real then?

How Accurate Are The Rules Of The Jungle Shown In Movies?

The struggle for survival is very real. The love that we saw among the living for their young ones in all those movies was never fake. The dangers that those forests and their animals faced were never fiction. Only an assured happy ending, before the credits rolled, was something that was purely out of imagination. As in the real jungle, an ending worth smiling for is never assured until it actually happens. 

But do you think we can understand the real rules of the jungle at a young age, and still have a happy, nightmare-free childhood? Share your thoughts below. 

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