How Many Different Types Of Anime Are There?

Did you know that there are different types of anime? Or is it just us who were into anime without even knowing that anime are of certain types? Bizarre, correct? But however shocking this newfound information might be to you, it’s never too late to not embarrass yourself further. What? Isn’t it a bit embarrassing to not even know something as basic as this? On top of that, when it’s about something that you love so much? Of course, it’s different in case you are someone new. But then, it also makes this the perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge about something you are going to indulge yourself with. And for weebs to whom this is new, let’s do ourselves a favour and dive in anyway.  So, here are the 5 types of anime that you must know as an anime lover.

Shonen Anime

Shonen is the most popular type among the types of anime. However, originally their target audience was young males. But now, this type has fans regardless of their gender and age. The term can be translated as ‘few years’. Most of the stories of Shonen anime deal with a male protagonist, and the plot often includes drama, comedy, action, coming-of-age content, and more. Some of the most popular Shonen anime are Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, and so on. 

How Many Different Types Of Anime Are There?

Seinen Anime

Unlike Shonen, the content here is a bit mature. Shonen might have fans from every age, but it is suitable for kids as well. But when it comes to Seinen, the content mostly targets a mature audience. For this as well, the traditional target was the young male population, but it now has every gender under its fandom. The content includes violence, sexual content, satire, intensity, and such stuff. Some of the popular ones under this type are Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

How Many Different Types Of Anime Are There?

Shoujo Anime

Traditionally this was supposed to be the opposite of Shonen as their target audience is the young female group. However, this too is now hailed by everyone. The term can be translated as a young girl. The protagonist is often a female, and the plot focuses on love, interpersonal relationships, and romance. It also includes other factors like adventure, comedy action, and such. Some of the popular ones are Maid Sama, Vampire Knight, etc.

How Many Different Types Of Anime Are There?

Josei Anime

Josei are the opposite of Seinen. Basically, their original target was a mature audience. Especially adult women. However, the type has every type of fan now. The stories and plots are heavily related to real life. But the thing these types of anime focus on the most is romance. The feelings part is quite heavy and often deals with erotic, mature, and dark content. Some of the popular ones here are Paradise Kiss, Usagi Drop, etc.

josei paradise kiss

Kodomomuke Anime

The last one that we have here is Kodomomuke. It is entirely for kids, and the content is not only kids friendly but also intends to give some kind of moral message to its young viewers. The story is mostly episode-based, and the plots are very light and easy to grasp. Some of the most popular ones of this type are Doraemon, Pokemon, Digimon adventure, etc.


So, these were the five types of anime that you were not aware of. Or maybe you were, how would we know. But whatever it was, we are sure you got a better knowledge about anime than before.

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