How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

Laundry can be a very annoying task sometimes. Even if we are depending on the machine, it still is annoying. Especially, if that clothing is a pair of jeans. There is no denying the fact that jeans get ten times heavier after getting soaked in water. Making it a task that is not at all easy. But hygiene is important too, correct? That is the very reason why so many people wash their jeans from time to time. No matter how many headaches the whole process can give, it’s just inevitable. But wait, do you do that very often? Or are you among those people who just ignore washing them? Because you might not know, but there is an ideal limit to wash your jeans. Confused? Well, don’t worry, we will spare you the details and tell you exactly how often should you wash your jeans!

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

How important are jeans?

Well, let’s say ‘very’. Jeans are a vital part of the whole fashion industry. Not only because it looks dashing on almost everyone but also because it is something that is highly usable. Everyone owns at least one pair of jeans. The comfort and casual look that this garment can offer is just incredible. No matter what the occasion, you know the jeans will suit it. And let’s not forget the part jeans plays in our everyday life. Basically, there is no denying that jeans are simply one of the most usable and perfect garments to own!

Who invented the jeans and when?

For this, let’s go back to the 1800s. 1873 to be exact when the blue jeans made their first debut. That day to this day, we all are still thankful for this blessed invention! On May 20, 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis got a US patient on putting rivets in work pants. The jeans become popular as soon as they came out, especially for their durability. This strong nature of jeans made it extremely proffered among the miners during the early 1900s. Jeans were still not seen as a way to express style, but they were on their way to change! In fact, the whole reason to make them was for workers that used to work under heavy practical conditions. Who knew back then that they will become a fashion statement in a few years?

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

What got them their now owned popularity?

Well, as stated before, jeans were never made with the intention of making fashion statements. It was for the workers, especially the miners. Their fashion journey was yet to begin. It gained a lot of love among these workers. Working in a strong piece of cloth became the grounds of making the jeans a hero in the practical world. This eventually paved the way for them to finally enter the wardrobes of the fashion icons as well!

So, how often should you wash your jeans?

Believe us or not, but too much washing your jeans can damage them heavily. You might have the intention to maintain your hygiene but in turn, it will cost you a pair of jeans. We are not asking you to just let the dirt sit and never wash them but the minimal wash is the answer here. According to the experts, washing your jeans once in six weeks is more than enough. More than that will damage the fabric and ultimately the jeans. In fact, some suggest that you can even go on without washing them for six months or a year! Of course, that also depends on how often you put them on.

So now that you know about the ideal washing time of your jeans, how are you gonna plan your laundry? When was the last time you washed your favourite pair of jeans? And how many times are you planning to wash them after reading this article?

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