How To Know If You Are a Shopaholic?

If you are a woman then it’s quite possible that you might have been called a shopaholic atleast once in your lifetime. We all do some level of shopping and when it comes to men, they think every woman is a shopaholic. Shopping is not bad unless it becomes an obsession. So, if you are worried whether you are a shopaholic or not, watch out for these signs:

  1. 1 You Are Impulsive

    We all buy something frivolous every now or then. But if you buy things impulsively a little too often, then you are a shopping addict. You generally end up buying the same stuff like bags, candles, shoes or sunglasses even though you have enough of them. So, the next time you are out shopping and pick up something to buy, just ask yourself if you really need it!

  2. 2 Shopping Makes Your World Go Round

    The world becomes a beautiful place the moment you enter shopping mall. Shopping releases dopamine which is a chemical that makes you happy. This rush of happiness becomes addictive, and over time you get used to it. You buy things to feel happy at that moment and then after some time when you aren't feeling happy, you get an urge to shop again.

  3. 3 Shopping Relieves Your Stress

    Shopping helps you cope with stress. Whenever you are angry or you feel stressed, you go out to shop. It makes you forget everything and makes you happy. This then becomes a habit and you start doing it whenever your mind is under stress.

  4. 4 You Start Hiding You Shopping From People

    People around you have started noticing that you shop a lot and have started pointing it out to you. It irritates you and as a result, you hide your shopping habits from them. You sneak in your purchases and you hide them so that your friends and family leave you alone. When shopping online, you may even hide your open browser window when someone is around.

  5. 5 You Have Money Problems

    You end up spending your income on shopping rather than clearing up a debt. Most of your credit cards are maxed out and your finances are not in control. If you seem to be accumulating a large amount of debt, then it’s time to step back and think about your shopping habits. A person with a stable job and good enough salary which is enough for your lifestyle should not have maxed out credit cards and debts. 

    If you can relate to these symptoms, then it’s time to seek help. Consult a therapist to keep your addiction in check.

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