How To Start Running Step By Step

Whether you are thinking of taking up running as a fitness routine, or simply want to start running, you need to have a plan. Running is a great and simple exercise to get fit. Along with a good pair of shoes you will need a plan and willingness to work on it. It is easy to get started, but it takes time and effort to stay on track and meet your goal. Here are some step by step running tips for beginners.




First and foremost, it is important to get motivated and to stay motivated. So, get a good pair of shoes and start walking for 15 minutes everyday. Once you start doing this regularly for at least a week then it will become a part of your routine. Get a fitness watch or app which will track your progress. If possible, get a friend to run with you so you stay motivated.


Be Regular


For the first week try and be regular. Fix a convenient time and walk everyday on the same time. Pick some good and fun music that will give you a runner’s high. This will help you make a habit out of it.



Set A Goal


While starting an exercise it is important to have a goal in mind. This keeps you motivated and also enables your brain to work towards an achievement. Your goal can be time-related run or maybe a race that you are thinking of participating. It could be a marathon for some cause, or you can even make running for 60 minutes straight without stopping your goal. Fix a goal and work towards it. Choose a training plan that will suit your needs and your level.


Do The Stretch


Stretching before running is very important or it may cause cramps. Start by simple stretches like lunges, runners stretch. Bend down and touch your feet. Do some calf raises, before you set out to run. Stretching warms up your muscles before you actually start running.



Raise The Stakes


Begin with brisk walking for a week, then gradually increase the pace. Brisk walking should be such that when you walk you are able to talk without having to stop for breath. It should be faster than jay walking and slower than race walking. Get used to this speed and then increase gradually. Begin with periodic running. For example: You walk for five minutes and then you run for 2 minutes then again walk for another five minutes and run for another three minutes. Keep increasing the running time gradually. Keep increasing you speed and your running time.



Eat A Proper Diet


If you are planning to become a runner it is important to eat the proper food. You will need carbs for energy and also protein to improve your muscle strength and endurance. The one super food you need to include in your diet is bananas. It has the right amount of carbs and potassium which you will need for your run. You should also include foods like oats, yogurt, broccoli, as well as lean meats for your dose of protein. You can also include caffeine to boost your intensity levels. Add some whole grains to your diet. Avoid refined sugar and high GI products.


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