How To Tell A Guy You Aren’t Interested In Him

The heart does as it pleases. We all look for love and it is true that love can be found in the most unusual of places, but unfortunately sometimes the person who approaches you is not just the one for you. He might be a great guy, someone that you already like and appreciate as a friend, but you just don’t see that you have a future together in a romantic relationship. Here are a few tips on telling someone that you are not interested in a relationship without having to break their heart forever.

Be Honest

This might sound like it is easier to say than do but the truth is that honesty is something that you and this guy would appreciate later on. If you feel that something is starting to be a little off, take a chance to explain to this guy that you are only interested in him as a friend, that you depend on him as your backbone and your brother….you get the picture! This will save you and him a lot of embarrassment in the future.

Drop In Some Information

If you are already seeing someone and happen to know that someone has a crush on you, then it might be useful to let them understand that you are not available. Just ask someone to mention that you have a boyfriend or mention that yourself.

Always Treat Him As A Friend

Talk to the guy as a friend. Make him feel that he is your backbone and the person you trust, in a friendly way. By time, he might realise that being your friend is not such a bad thing and that this kind of relationship could be more successful for both of you.

Avoid Acting Flirty Around Him

Some girls like to flirt and love hearing compliments. But it is not nice when you mess up with someone’s feelings for a compliment. You should be able to put a limit to you actions especially if you find out that your friend has feelings for you that go beyond friendship.

Stop Mentioning Other Guys To Him

Some men will misinterpret this. He might think that you are trying to make him feel jealous or that you are trying to encourage him to take the first step by showing him that you are wanted. It is OK to keep things cool and talk about all stuff. But it is kind of mean to tell a guy who likes you about your wonderful date last night, don’t you think?

Try To Hook Him Up With One Of Your Friends

This is actually a nice idea. If you know these 2 people well enough then you probably know their interests and what they have in common. It will be a good idea if you could get your 2 friends to date. Who knows, their relationship together could be more successful than what it could have been with you.

Refer To The Guy As Your Buddy

Be very clear when you are talking to him or introducing him to others. Some girls will misuse the presence of a good friend around that they would let others think that they are in a relationship especially after a break up. Your friend might get hurt in the process. Always keep it clear and straight forward.

Don’t Send Mixed Signals

Friends are not supposed to be hot and cold. So don’t send mixed signals that would confuse this guy and get him all mixed up. Be consistent and honest. It doesn’t matter if you are bored, heart broken or if you have been recently dumped. Don’t act like you are ready for a relationship when you aren’t.

Don’t Make Fun Of Him

This is not the right way to change someone’s romantic feelings towards you, but it is a sure way to make them hate you forever. We should appreciate other people’s interest in us and treat it with respect. Don’t joke about it or make fun of it with your friends.

Avoid Suggestive Body Language

Our body language and eyes tell a lot. Be careful about how you act and react around your friend. If you are not interested in a relationship then you shouldn’t be touching them all the time. This includes continuous hugging, patting and cuddling. Of course friends do that but remember that this person has feelings for you and will understand that you feel the same.

In a perfect world, we only fall in love with those who love us. But we can all make the world a better place by appreciating the love we feel for others and receive from them.

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  1. This was a good post. There were a lot of good points. I think it’s important not to play with someone’s emotions.

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