Is Rice Growing Under The Sea?

Behold the age of underwater grain!

Rice is one of the world’s most widely consumed foodgrains, but, wait, how about underwater rice?Zostera Marina is the new deal! Keep reading to find out more about this incredibly beneficial superfood cereal that grows in the marine world and, will possibility be available for human consumption in the forthcoming years!

Who’s making it possible?

Spain’s El Chef del Mar(the Sea chef) Angel Leon is a water baby. Ever since he was a child, he has loved the marine world and its bounty. His belief that the sea is a natural pantry led to the re-discovery of the marine grain. He is working with his team to experiment and cultivate more! 

How was the Underwater Cereal discovered?

Is Rice Growing Under The Sea?

Leon says that , in search for rare and unheard of marine food, he, along with the Investigation and Development team at his Aponiente restaurant and members of the Cádiz University dived in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. During their exploration, they found a grain ear and assumed it had travelled from land. However, during their second dive into the deep sea, they discovered that it was a grain that grew there and looked like cereal. Well, the team took this grain to biologists who confirmed that that was indeed a water-baby, too, and was called Zostera Marina.

What does Zostera Marina look and taste like?

Is Rice Growing Under The Sea?
Wikimedia Commons / Sofia Sadogurska

Leon describes the grain as something between rice and quinoa. Its texture is dense and firm, like pasta al dente. It has a very subtle marine taste and looks green.

How can the grain be used?

Is Rice Growing Under The Sea?

The grain can be turned into flour to make pasta. It also behaves much like rice. It can be boiled or turned into flour to make bread or dried pasta!

Why are we so excited?

Around 86% of species on our Earth haven’t been discovered yet! With the Zostera Marina in common knowledge, we are one step closer to knowing our home better. 

That’s not all. This marine grain is being considered a superfood! Loaded with carbs, B vitamins, vitamins A and E, fatty acids and less than 2% fat (and much more), this could be the solution to the malnutrition problems our world is facing. And it’s not high maintenance, either. These underwater grains don’t need fertilizers or composts, only flowing water, which is easy (because 75% of the globe is water!).

Where is the project right now?

Is Rice Growing Under The Sea?
Wikimedia Commons / Avprwiki 

The research on Zostera Marina has been going on for four years now! The team managed to grow the cereal in a controlled environment (for the first time ever!) and was successful. It is currently growing in a 3,000 square metre area in a natural park in Bahía De Cádiz and looks beautiful and promising! When it will be out for human consumption is yet to be decided, the first priority being restoring this endangered grain. Therefore, every grain is being used for cultivation.

Are you excited, too? Let us know down below!

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