Mama Dolphins Sing To Their Little Ones Before Giving Birth

Mothering their infant is something all living creatures do. But the dolphin is the only one species apart from humans that talks to their little ones even before birth! Mother dolphins have been found to sing to their teeny-meenies when they are inside the womb!

The unique dolphin song!

Researches show that dolphins are great singing teachers! They teach their babies their distinctive signature call, which sounds much like a whistle, and is believed to be the dolphin counterpart of a name! This sound is unique to every single dolphin, and is believed to be the way these beauties identify themselves to others.

Dolphin calves, with time, develop their own unique whistle, but they copy their mother’s in the beginning.

Here are some researches for the nerd in you

An expecting dolphin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California was studied in 2014. The researchers were astonished when they noticed that the dolphin started increasing the frequency of her signature song from two months before the birth of her baby, and continued till two weeks after.

Another group of researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi have reached the conclusion that the mamas teach their babes this song as a stamp on them.

What are the rest of the dolphins doing while the mum sings?

Do Dolphins Sing

Did we say dolphins are awfully great moms? And music teachers? They’re also wonderful friends!

When they have a pregnant friend, or an expecting acquaintance, or a total prego stranger close to them, other dolphins sing way lesser – so that the baby doesn’t catch their whistle. As soon as the pregnant dolphin starts tampering, though, the other dolphins pick up their pace again.

Why do we care?

Do Dolphins Sing

Dolphins and their baby-stamp is a unique feature that we don’t find easily in other species. Scientists are working hard to decode this behaviour (and talent, might we add?) of our marine friends and understand them better. This sing-songy trait, when studied, can lead to many further researches.

Animal behaviour has always been a matter of interest and investigation for Zoology researchers, and why should it not be? If we’re able to establish a link between animal and human behaviour, we might finally realise that we’re in this together!

Some similar studies are being performed on other animals to find out if there’s some communication going on between them mamas and babies, too!

Wildlife facts are always fascinating. There is a lot yet to be found out that nature has kept a secret. Discover these by subscribing to our daily newsletter!

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