Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

There is no denying the fact that people are of numerous kinds, which obviously leads to the huge differentiation between their likes and dislikes or preferences. ‘Seasons’ is one such topic that can literally divide the whole world when it comes to the debate about who prefers what season as their ideal one. Keeping that in mind, it isn’t that of a unique argument, in fact, is quite common to often catch people expressing their love towards either one of winter, summer, spring, or rainy. However, coming across someone who legit has a phobia of one of these is not that usual of a thing that people experience. Yes! You heard that correct, there are a few people walking around the globe who might have a phobia of the winter season! 

Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

Cryophobia or Winter-Phobia, as rare as it sounds, does exist for some people, under which people have an irrational fear towards extreme cold or they might simply want to restrain touching something too cold. Although for most of these people the specification is mostly linked to the entire winter season as the one causing the fear to rise, it may include a few objects or situations as well which acts as the reason to race that heart a bit faster. So here are a few phobias that are triggered by the coldness especially in the winter season.

Fear of snow

Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

Chionophobia, this highly scientific name is simply referring to the fear of snow. Yes! Fear of snow, as unbelievable as it sounds, that still does not change the fact that some people fear the snow. Please don’t go on imagining that these people are simply unable to build a snowman because they fear the snow, the fear is a bit practical as they often fear the situation that might not be so good that the snow might create for example being trapped or a severe snowstorm and such. So you see, linking the fear of snow to a few snowball fights with your friend won’t be that appreciated.

Fear of air

Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

Also known as Anemophobia, the fear of air is something that might also be triggered due to hard or gusty winds, however, this fear rises a level up with the arrival of winter as the wind is not only strong but also very cold. The fear of getting ill or losing your precious control to a strong windy day are some of the fears associated with it.

The fear of being trapped

Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

I mean can we really blame someone for this one, not that we are blaming for the rest as well but this one specifically is the kind which might be not that rare. Cleithrophobia is the one that especially heightens in the winter season where getting stuck in the snow is a real, very real, and kinda common thing. Remember those movies in which the characters often get stuck in the snow inside their cars, well yeah, a person with Cleithrophobia would probably lose their minds if put in the same situation, or anyone for that matter I mean who likes to get stuck, right.

Fear of winter driving

Are You Winter Phobic? Phobias Triggered By The Coldness Of Winter Season

Not so surprising this one, especially for people who see a sudden change due to changing locations and such. The phobia is basically related to the winter conditions that are often a hindrance to smooth driving and risky driving in itself is a cause to generate fear no matter what season, so it’s not that shocking of a fact that some people are legit afraid of driving in winter where the fears of not so smooth roads, wet tires, poor visibility and much more is already on the play.

These phobias and their impacts can be rooted to anything depending on the situations that a person faced or so, they can be easily eliminated for some cases others however may need professional guidance. Still, one way or another, it’s extremely clear that there are people who feel their hearting racing faster than usual as soon as they hear the phrase ‘Winter is Coming’ in real life as well.Let us know if you have one of these or if it was your first time coming across a bunch of phobias that you thought could simply not exist.

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