The Relationship Between A Doughnut And A Cop

Who doesn’t love a soft doughnut and some coffee? However, have you ever wondered why is it that in most of the movies or web series every time police officers are seen snacking it is always with a doughnut? Does this have any backstory or is it just a coincidence? Well, in this article you are going to get an insight into the long going relationship between a cop and a doughnut! 

The Relationship Between A Doughnut And A Cop

Even though it is for a fact that doughnuts are extremely delicious and this the reason why they are so popular, their relationship with the cops goes beyond just the taste. It dates back to the time when the police officers worked late shifts and there would be no cafes open to fuel their empty stomachs. In times like these, the only option that the officers had was to choose between a doughnut shop or a full-fledged diner. While a diner surely is sophisticated of the two, put yourself in the shoes of a cop. What if you are eating a scrumptious meal and suddenly get an emergency call? What a waste would that be? Now imagine you are at a doughnut café and you get a call? Simple, just take the doughnut and run! Well, that is what made doughnuts a go-to food for police officers back in the olden days where the options were too little. The relationship did not just stop here. Many doughnut shops are open till pretty late at night, either for 24-hour delivery or to prepare for the next morning. Generally being family-owned and heavy on cash, these shops became a target for late-night robbery. This gave the cops all the more reason to patrol doughnut shops late at night and many shop owners started to provide free doughnuts to the cops. What better reward for security than a yummy doughnut right? This worked well both ways and strengthened the relationship between the two. 

What is hilarious is the fact that in recent times, this stereotype of a cop and a doughnut does not hold true. There are many more on the go options available to the cops. Even though the McD burger may have replaced the doughnut in the hands of a cop, doughnuts will always be remembered as their first go-to snack! If not, streaming the stereotype of the cop and doughnut will never let the cops forget the snack that was there for them when nothing else was convenient! 

Let us know more such stereotypes that started from reality but have lost their essence today.

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