Pregnant? You Can Still Play These 7 Sports

Pregnancy does not have to mean a full stop to your regular life. It is one of the best times of your life and you should enjoy it. It is also important to take care of yourself during pregnancy, in both diet and exercise. Playing sports during pregnancy not only provides you with physical exercise but also helps improve your mood and get better sleep, and increases your energy levels.

While there are activities that are restricted, here are some sports that you can practice during pregnancy. However, you should consult your Gynecologist before you start with any of these especially if you haven’t been exercising before.

  1. 1 Swimming

    Swimming is a great physical exercise. If you have been swimming before, then you should continue it. It is a great exercise for the whole body. It works on each muscle of your body. You can find some aquanatal swimming classes in and around your area. You can also bond with other mommies-to-be in these sessions. 

  2. 2 Golf

    Golf is a safe sport that can be played during pregnancy. It does not involve any sudden movements. It helps in maintaining the balance and also helps in focusing your mind. This helps in keeping your mind sharp and manage mood swings.

  3. 3 Lawn Tennis

    Serena Williams set a great example for all women when she won the Australian Open in 2017 while being pregnant. So it is safe to say that you can play tennis during pregnancy. It is ok to play in the first trimester if you have been playing the sport from the beginning. Don’t start playing it if you haven’t played before. 

  4. 4 Table Tennis

    Table tennis is another option. It is safe because it is played indoors and is usually limited only to the table. There is little movement during the game. It helps you build focus and also provides exercise for your body. It is an indoor game so it keeps you away from dust and pollution as well.

  5. 5 Running

    Running is a good form of exercise for your entire body. If you love the outdoors then it could be a really good exercise for you. Especially, if you have been running from before you can continue with it. But, there are some precautions that you need to take. Buy a good pair of shoes that give you proper support, balance, and comfort. Run at a slow pace so you don’t get tired. Be sure to choose a path that is safe preferably a green area without traffic.

  6. 6 Badminton

    Badminton is another sport that you can play during pregnancy. It is played on a court so the area of movement is less. It allows you to judge your body's ability and avoid sudden movements. But play with a partner who understands your ability and condition and avoid playing a rough game.

  7. 7 Biking

    You can continue biking if you love riding the bicycle. It is a good form of exercise for your entire body. Cycling is ok in the first few months but might become difficult in the last trimester of pregnancy. If you don't want to go outdoors for biking you can choose a stationary bike for cycling. 

    Cycling will also help you if you are overweight or have gestational diabetes. It also helps fight pregnancy-induced hypertension and reduces bloating and constipation.         

    It is a good habit to exercise even during pregnancy, but do consult your doctor before taking up any sport. Keep a moderate pace and do not strain your self and you shall be fine. If you are still planning a baby then start an exercise plan from before, so you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

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