Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One Would You Choose?

Apart from the release of the much-awaited Next-gen consoles, the year 2020 hasn’t been any good but the problems which arise now are-“which one to buy?”.The PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S both have an all-digital approach. So, today we will be discussing the disc-less consoles, their pros, and cons based on some major parameters.

Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One To Choose For Your Kid?

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S price and release date

By knocking off the 4K Blu-Ray drive, Sony has managed to reduce $100 off the price ($399)of the PS5 Digital Edition compared to the standard PS5 while Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is the cheapest next-gen console available at just $299.The Xbox Series S has a price advantage of $100 over the PS5 Digital Edition but that doesn’t mean much unless the price is your most important factor.

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S specs

The PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 apart from the fact it doesn’t include a 4K Blu-Ray drive. Its removal helps to give the console a more symmetrical shape, but appearance aside, you won’t find any differences when it comes to technical specs between Sony’s two PS5 consoles with a CPU of eight core up to3.5 GHz(variable frequency), a GPU of 10.3 teraflops,16GB GDDR6 RAM,8K resolution and storage of 825GB NVMeSSD makes it an unprecedented gaming King Kong.

Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One To Choose For Your Kid?

If you’re happy with buying your games digitally, then the PS5 Digital Edition is perfect for you. There are a few limitations to consider though. Physical games tend to be cheaper than their digital version, and usually have heavy sales and offers. You can trade, exchange, and resell too. With digital titles often being sold at full price, then the $100 you initially save might quickly disappear once you’ve bought a few $70 / £69.99 PS5 games, and you’ll have no choice but to buy it.

The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is fundamentally different from the Xbox Series X, and in turn, the PS5 Digital Edition. Microsoft’s cheaper console targets a resolution of 1440p instead of 4K, and has a significantly less powerful GPU. However, thanks to the advances in hardware over the last few years, the system should prove to be extremely capable, albeit less so than the PS5 Digital Edition when it comes to raw specs with a CPU of eight-core 3.6GHz custom AMD 7nm, a GPU of 4 teraflops,10GB GDDR6 RAM,1440p with 4K upscaling and storage of 512GB NVMe SSD makes it a proper competitor for PS5.

Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One To Choose For Your Kid?

Microsoft’s strategy to target the whole market is an interesting one, and the company has already tipped the Xbox Series S to outsell its more expensive variants.

While it’s easy to dismiss the Xbox Series S as being the weakest console and therefore the black sheep of the bunch, it will still deliver a next-gen experience. It supports all the key technological advancements that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X boast: that includes ray-tracing, super-fast load times,120fps capabilities, etc. but its more modest resolution target means it can achieve these goals for a much lower price point.

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S games

Games are purely subjective – and that’s why competition and variety are so important. Thankfully, there’s a deluge of great-looking games on the way for both consoles, but both Sony and Microsoft’s approach is different once again.

With its superb library of exclusive games on PS4, Sony is backing its studios to deliver enticing titles once again to help sell its new console. The PS5’s launch is being supported by games such as GTA 5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, all of which are Playstation exclusive, and more blockbusters like Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be released soon.

Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One To Choose For Your Kid?

Microsoft, meanwhile, doesn’t have a new first-party studio game at launch after Halo Infinite was unexpectedly delayed. Instead, the appeal of Xbox Series S revolves around Microsoft’s phenomenal Xbox Game Pass service, which includes hundreds of games that can be downloaded and played à la carte. It also includes backward compatibility (my favorite feature) for four generations of Xbox games, all of which promise to look and play better than ever before.

Ps5 Or Xbox S: Which One To Choose For Your Kid?

Both consoles are going to have various timed exclusives and third-party games, of course, such as Yakuza on Xbox and Godfall on PS5. The choice then ultimately comes down to which games you find appealing, or which ecosystem you’ve already invested in.

PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series S verdict

The decision over which digital console to purchase depends on you: both remove the disc drive, so no physical media and the Xbox Series S is all set to make future gaming cheaper. The $100 saving on the PS5 Digital Edition is appealing at first but you may end up spending more in the future.

Either way, both consoles promise to offer a superior experience over their predecessors, and we’re excited to test out both in November. As it stands, both Xbox Series S pre-orders and PS5 pre-orders are extremely hard to find, so it’s clear there’s a demand for both disc-less systems.

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