This Is The Correct Chronological Order To Watch Star Trek!

Enter *star trek movies in chronical order*. Result= Confusion! 0_0

Everyone hates spoilers. Except for the psychopaths who don’t, but most of the people are not a fan to know the story beforehand. Spoilers have the potential to ruin any series or movie, but it hits on a different level if it is a long-run franchise. I mean, if someone gives away the final climax of the last movie to you, especially if you haven’t even started the first one, well, let’s say it won’t get well. But what if you get a spoiler because of your own confusion. Getting confused about the timelines is pretty easy when it comes to the long-run franchise. You can simply not try out the order as there is no learning from the trial and error method here. You watch or start the wrong movie, and there it is, maybe a heavy spoiler at the very start. And all that is because you picked the wrong order.

This Is The Correct Chronological Order To Watch Star Trek!

Star Trek is one of the legendary franchises out there. The series has a huge fan base and is worth your time. But obviously, there are many people who still haven’t watched it. And getting confused about the viewing order here is not that surprising. So we thought to help out the new fans a little bit. The correct order to watch Star Trek below is based on the chronology of the series. It will help you grasp the story in a less confusing way. Ready to note down the list for a movie marathon? 

This Is The Correct Chronological Order To Watch Star Trek!

So the first one that you can start according to the chronological order, is Star Trek: Enterprise, which covers the years between the 2151 to 2161. Obviously, you will be starting with the modern version but then you will eventually get to the original one as well. The second one in line is Star Trek: Discovery season 1 and 2. They will cover the year 2255. Now comes the original one, the one that got people hooked in the first place. Star Trek: The Original Series, which takes place in the years between the 2265 to 2269.

Next in the Star Trek chronology, we continue the timeline by paying a visit to Star Trek: The Animated Series, that covers the years 2269 and 2270. Next on the viewing order will be the movies back to back. Basically, the first six Star Trek films occur from the year 2273 to the year 2293.  After a long tiring movie marathon, take a good break. Relax your eyes and drink some water. Now back to Star Trek.

This Is The Correct Chronological Order To Watch Star Trek!

Start with Star Trek: The Next Generation which covers the years between 2364 to 2370. Get ready for another movie marathon. Watch the Star Trek films from the 7th one to the 10th one. They will occur in the years between 2293 to 2379. Take a break again. Hop on to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This takes place between the years 2369 to 2375.

Yes, you are almost done. Next in line of the correct order to watch Star Trek comes Star Trek: Voyager that is from 2371 to 2378. And end with the latest one, Star Trek: Picard that occurs in the year 2399. Well, this was the chronological order that you can go for. Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is way into the future so you are good to go.

So, you probably should be on your way now. You have a lot to cover, to be honest. But now you know how to watch Star Trek in order, so that should make things easier All the best!

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