Steven Spielberg Fan? Here’s Your Must Watch List!

The name is a brand. And the brand, a seal of assurance. Of brilliant cinema, of heart wrenching narratives. While winning an Oscar or getting nominated for one is not a benchmark for many film enthusiasts, Spielberg’s got plenty to his credit. Time and again. And even if you’re not a Steven Spielberg fan, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Jurassic Park – his 1993 offering that ran into sequels too. Here are top 5 choices of Spielberg directorials that deserve a watch. Whether a fan, or not. 

Raiders Of The Lost Arc

Raiders Of The Lost Arc Steven Spielberg film

A follow up to his 1979 underwhelming outline, 1941, Spielberg made do with everything that his earlier film lacked in this gem of a movie. With Harrison Ford headlining the cast as Indiana Jones, this adventure packed movie follows an archaeologist who sets out to find the Art of the Covenant. The fact that the film fed into three sequels after and won 4 Oscars is proof enough of how watch-worthy this film is. 

War Horse

War Horse

This 2011 film earned Spielberg an Oscar nod for Best Picture. Adapted from a Broadway musical of the same name, the film follows the story of a man who signs up to join in the World War II efforts when his beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. The man’s journey right to the front lines, amidst the raging, devastating and unforgiving war until he reunites with his pal, makes up for the rest of this sentimental yet stunningly charming movie. 

Schindler’s List

Schindler's List Steven Spielberg films

This one’s been on my personal ‘to-watch’ list. As is the scene with hundreds of other such lists I’m sure, if not on their favourites list. The movie follows the heroic endeavours of a German industrialist during the Second World War. Based out of Nazi-occupied Poland, the german gives up his business and diverts all his resources and energy to save Jews from persecution. Based on a true story. Won Spielberg two Oscars – Best Director and Film. 



My only memory of this film is stellar actor Daniel Day Lewis winning an Oscar for Best Actor and the award being handed out by oh-so-fantastic Meryl Streep. Good enough anecdotal memory to watch the film, eh? No? Alright, so the movie is about celebarted statesman Abraha Lincoln (surprise) and how he dealth with the original offense of slavery – primarily thorugh his passage of the 13th Amendment, as the President of the United States of America. If nothing, quite a good reminder this flick, about what leading a state should ought to be about. 

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can Steven Spielberg films

This 2002 film is breezy, easy and fun. A biographical drama centres around con man Frank Abagnale Jr. who gets going with millions of dollars. All through his foreplay as a pilot, doctor, legal prosecutor, and whatnot. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, the conman soon finds an FBI agent (Tom Hanks) tailing him to fulfil his fantasy of getting him in handcuffs. Justifiably so. 

Special mentions : 

Saving Private Ryan ; Minority Report

And if you ever feel (!) a Steven Spielberg overload, we’ve got other suggestions you could try out!

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