The 5 Movies In Monty Python Style You Cannot Miss!

In 1988, Monty Python movies received the BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema. Today, we have collected some movies in the same style, to give you the same laugh as Monty Python’s art! A surreal comedy group from Britain that rocked the world with its dynamic comedy sketch was Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Python’s style remains crucial to the cinema of comedy. The industry’s best pieces are said to be inspired by this BBC show. It truly evolved the television comedy scene, giving it a new meaning in that era.

 A Fish Called Wanda

The 5 Movies In Monty Python Style You Cannot Miss!

This 1988 British-American heist comedy film, also the director’s final film, follows a comical gang of diamond thieves. It made over $177 million worldwide! The story revolves around George Thomson, a London-based gangster and his right-hand man, Ken Pile, an animal lover with a stutter. To carry out a perfect heist, they bring in Wanda Gershwitz and Otto West. Both are lovers, but they hide it from the rest of the gang. As friendships end unexpectedly- and there is greed in each individual for the diamonds, the story forms a humorous movie with witty dialogues.

It’s A Mad Mad Mad World

The 5 Movies In Monty Python Style You Cannot Miss!

It’s A Mad Mad Mad World (it is at times) is produced and directed by Stanley Kramer. This was the first time he did a comedy, and it was worth the screen time. The film starred famous comedians like Jonathan Winters and followed a very cleverly written story. This movie was critically acclaimed and commercially successful in its year of release and remains worthy of watching. In this film, “Smiler” Grogan escapes jail after 15 years, and before he dies, he tells the protagonists about the $350,000 he buried at Santa Rosita State Park under “a big W.” The mystery people try to find the hidden treasure, resulting in a funny story.

Austin Powers 

The 5 Movies In Monty Python Style You Cannot Miss!

Since 1997, three movies in the ‘Austin Powers’ series have been released. The general plot of the film follows our protagonist and also the arch-villain of the story, Dr. Evil, as he plans to extort large sums of money out of the government or international bodies. What makes the story interesting is how our main character deals with the villain. There are special cars featured in the movie, namely “Shaguars”. Video games followed the movie’s arrival, so you can get an idea of how successful this series was. 


The 5 Movies In Monty Python Style You Cannot Miss!

This 1980 satire starring Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty is a parody of “Zero Hour!”. The plot and characters are the same but received more appreciation for the portrayal of characters. This is a kind, humorous and wholesome movie about rebuilding drifted relationships. Ted Striker, our main character, is an ex-fighter pilot who is traumatized because of the war he was a part of. He does not have a stable job because of his fear of flying and drinking problems (cannot drink unless he splashes the alcohol on his face). He is now a taxi driver. To win his wartime girlfriend, Emily, back, he tries to overcome his fear.

What follows contains major spoilers (and well, it is more fun to watch the movie than read its description). If you love airplanes or wish to be a pilot, this movie is for you! We do not recommend learning from it, though, as it was made just for entertainment purposes.

Top Secret

This one has cows in its poster, so you must have guessed what this is about! This American action-comedy film released in 1984 revolves around our rockstar, Nick Rivers who travels to Eastern Germany to perform at a cultural festival. What he doesn’t know is that “it secretly serves the East German government as a diversion for a military operation”. During the dinner, he encounters Hillary Flammond, a member of a local resistance group, and pretends to be her date. He only wished to know her better, but what seemed like a sweet, romantic move, turns out to be a horrifying reason for him to be in jail! 

We are sure you’ll have a good time watching these! Make sure to tell us your favourite. 

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